How to Access Gmail Offline in Your Browser

Gmail native Offline mode

Gmail released an important feature for its users. Now, Gmail will be available for offline access. That’s where you can use the important features of Gmail, even when you do not have an Internet connection.

To use this Gmail native Offline Support, Chrome 61 version is required and also you have to turn on the Offline Access in chrome settings.

Previously, Gmail provided offline access to its users with chrome extension apps. But after this new feature is released, users do not need any separate application.

With this offline feature, you can do certain things like searching for emails, writing a new mail and deleting emails in Gmail without a Wi-Fi or data connection. All the changes that you make offline will be automatically deployed when the Internet connection is available.

You have to revisit the current version of your chrome browser and go to Gmail settings and enable offline mode. Make sure Gmail is updated to new version, which was launched last month and is in use. Go to Settings> Offline> Enable offline mail.

With these new options, you can set chrome as per your requirement for offline access. In the new search type, Gmail scales and shows usage size in the offline mode. This allows you to determine how many days you have to download for viewing. Usually, it will be 30. In addition, other choices are provided, such as 7 and 90.

You can also choose to put your offline data on the computer or leave it with a security system. This offline feature only works with the Chrome Browser. G suite users have to enable the administrator access.

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