Being self-quarantined and having to stay at home all the time is one of the hardest things in the world at the moment, but it’s just something we have to do. This is the best way to protect your health and save your life, no matter how hard and logistically challenging it can be. Still, life has to move on, and we all need to think about the future, figuring out how to continue our lives in the age of COVID-19. This is something high school graduates are worried about as well because they’re still unsure how they’re going to start going to college and whether this will be possible at all. If you’re one of the people bothered by this situation as well, here are a few tips that might help you.

College during the Pandemic

Find the right college

The only good thing about these awful times is the fact that you still have time to think about your college options and find the right school to attend. It’s still not too late to make up your mind – or change it completely – so finding a place that’s going to fit you perfectly should be your number one priority.

Luckily, there are lots of things that can help you make the right choice and find a great school despite the pandemic. All you need to do is get organized, look into as many schools as possible, explore their curriculums, think about teacher recommendations, and spice up your knowledge. Use this opportunity to read as much as you can, because broadening your skills and learning something new will help you enroll in the school of your dreams.

Look into your finances

This is something you’re probably already aware of, but you need to keep in mind that going to college costs a ton of money. It doesn’t matter where you’re going, what your major is, and prestigious your school is – it’s going to be costly, one way or another. That’s why figuring your finances out as soon as possible is crucial, and now you have enough time to think about that.

Most students hope to receive a scholarship that will cover all their costs, or at least most of them, but that’s not an option for everyone. Those who are forced to pay for their education on their own often look for some sort of financial aid, or turn to their parents, guardians, and family members who can help them out financially. If that’s not an option either, find a way to earn money while studying. Balancing work and classes won’t be easy, but that’s the only way to afford your tuition, your fees, your housing, and other costs.

Find a place to stay

Speaking of money, this will be a major cost in the years to come. Whether you wish to live in a dormitory, in an apartment with your friends, siblings, or your partner, or somewhere else, finding the perfect home is a long and hard process.

Fortunately, being stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic means you have time to browse potential homes online and narrow your search. Once you do that, check out a few places and pick the right one. Finally, move there before your classes start, but don’t be afraid to do that on your own. Most people don’t know it, but you can easily do the whole move yourself in just a couple of days. It’s all about singling out your most valuable possessions, packing them in boxes, and unpacking them as patiently as you can.

Be ready to accept the new reality

One of the worst things about this pandemic is that we don’t know when it’s going to end and how long it’s going to be a part of our lives. Early studies tell us that it will become an integral part of our reality in the years ahead of us, and that’s something we just need to accept.

Schools and colleges across the world are doing this as well, getting ready for fall classes the best they can. You probably won’t be able to do two things college students are always doing – attend their classes or go to parties – and you’ll have to wear your mask, do everything online, and keep the social distance. You need to be prepared to avoid feeling tired and depressed. But, since you’re already doing this at the moment, you should have no problem doing that at college too.

Getting ready for college has always been hard, but it’s now harder than ever. So, get prepared as soon as possible and do whatever you can to learn the new rules that will probably guide your entire college experience.

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