Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creator Update Download

As revealed before about the Windows 10 Creators Update, it’s now ready to be downloaded. Get it now for your Windows 10 PC. This updating software is all about updating the creative tasks. For instance, updating the classic paint app to Paint 3D.

What actually is Creators Update?

Microsoft has taken a step-by-step update stance with Windows 10. It has been delivering cumulative updates once in every year. And now, it’s the Creators Update’s turn which brings a variety of new features along with it including the 3D-focused Paint app. A device running a licensed version of Windows 10 will do your job to install the Creators update. Although the device needs the minimum of the Windows 10’s hardware requirements for the installation of this software.

Most of the Windows 10 or any other users always want their devices to be updated accordingly. And as such Microsoft is providing for that with the Windows 10.

Let’s get into the process to know how to download the Update. But before that make sure to backup everything.

Step 1: Go to Windows 10 Update Assistant and click on “Download Tool now” to download the Creators Update.

Step 2: After downloading the Update Assistant, tap on “Update now”.

Step 3: Save and then Run “Window10Upgrade9252.exe file”. After that, tap on “yes” to allow the app to make necessary changes on the upgrade.

Step 4: Click on “Update now” to start the installation and wait for the screen that will display “Update ready”.

And now your Windows 10 is updated with the Creators Update. This is an easy way to update your device which is assisted with the Windows 10 Operating System as Microsoft is doing its yearly updations.

As a PC or laptop with Windows 10 Operating system and specific hardware requirements is the only requirements, it would not be a big task to update your device to the Creators Update.

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