Remedy for High Blood Pressure – Healthy Drink

High Blood Pressure

If your blood pressure level is 120/80 then your blood pressure is in normal condition and does not have to be careful. If it is at a level of 140/190 then it is high blood pressure. If blood pressure is high, it can lead to several serious problems.

So it is important to keep everyone on their blood pressure under control. This article will help you to reduce high blood pressure with a simple natural drink.

Method to Prepare this Healthy Drink:

2-3 stalk celery spinach should be taken first.

Celery Stalk Spinach-min

Take half beetroot and remove the skin.


You should take the half of green apple.

Green Apple

Then take a carrot, remove the skin, and cut into small pieces.


Squeeze and take juice from 1 lemon.


Put all the ingredients into the mixer jar and grind it well. Filter the juice from an extract. Your Natural juice is ready to drink. You should drink at least once in a day. Within a week you may find your high blood pressure got reduced.

Natural Drink

If you drink this natural drink before your breakfast, you will feel energetic on whole day.

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