How to Take Remote Control of Someone Else’s PC

Remote Control of PC
Remote Control of PC

If you are technically stuffed, then you might have the situation to provide tech support to your friends and family. This may get its range from fixing the issues that are somewhat difficult to reviewing them and the start button i.e., the Remote Control is in someone else’s hand who is computer illiterate.

It is always easy to help others if their screen is visible to you and matters nothing about the kind of tech support that you provide. this helps you to get rid of the confusion about the Operating System being used or what they are shown when an error occurs.

A simple option for connecting to a friend’s PC is Join.Me.

The person who is getting the help has all to do is simply visit a site and select the big orange Start Meeting button. This allows downloading that has to be run by clicking on it.




After a few minutes, there appears a window on the screen which holds an ID number with which you have to punch into Join.Me at the top of the page and you could be able to directly connect with them.

Now, you can see what they are doing on their system, to take over for you, all the thing to do in the menu at the top is select the Request Mouse Control button which allows you to try for some fixes for their issue instead of guiding them through whatever they do.

Join.Me is a simple and a good primary solution for those who are less experienced about the computer. If you need to set up unattended remote access and more, click the best ways to remotely control your PC.


Make sure to know about how to defend against tech support scams so as to prevent the usage of tools for unwanted purposes in the process of accessing the Remote Control over someone’s PC.