Janna (The Storm’s Fury) is one of the best support champions most League of Legends players enjoy. During the early patches, she is known to have a bit of a tickling tendency, especially since her basic attacks usually deal with unexpected damage towards her enemies. Although this may seem a bit satisfying, most LoL experts are disappointed with this effect on her since she is primarily known to be an excellent choice for support players.


For the current patch, Janna has been toned down to justify her role as a supporting champion. With the right builds and tactics used, you may even use her to get to the Platinum League. Keep on reading, and by the end of this article, you will be able to use Janna in the most effective ways possible, especially if supporting is your ideal overall gameplay.

The Best Item Set for Janna

Ideally, Janna’s starting items come with two bottles of Health Potions and the Spellthief’s Edge. After that, you will be wanting to increase her overall speed, which means you will be needing the Boots of Mobility followed by the Ardent Censer. For the final items, you will need to purchase the Locket of the Iron Solari and the Twin Shadows. Some players add Redemption and the Remnant of the Watchers to completely lock this item build for Janna, and when you have finally claimed all of these, you will be ready to spread havoc towards the enemy team.

Counter Picks for Janna

Whenever you are using Janna for a game, remember to take note of these champions. They are the best Janna counters that players use most of the time, and they might make your playing time a bit harder if you don’t know what you are doing.

  • Sona (Maven of the Strings) 
  • Soraka (The Starchild) 
  • Thresh (The Chain Warden)

These three champions are also known to be used by support players, and they are only a few of the counter picks you will probably encounter. So, if you prefer to use Janna during your matches on the way to the Platinum League, you will need to have a lot of practice and patience against them. Study the strengths, weaknesses, and skill specifications of these champions. This way, you will not get bamboozled every time you are on the field, and you will be able to work your way out of every match more easily.

Mashups for Janna

After carefully analyzing the counter picks, it is now time to study up on the greatest mashups for your supporting role as Janna. Although there are numerous options in the tier list, these champions are the three best choices when it comes to teaming up. Since she is a supporting champion, you can easily pair her up with the other classifications (Fighter, Assassin, Jungle, ADC, Marksman, etc.).

  • Yasuo (the Unforgiven)
  • Draven (the Glorious Executioner)
  • Ashe (the Frost Archer)

For you to effectively utilize Janna on your way to the Platinum League, make sure that you know how to make her work with these champions. You don’t have to study them one by one, but if you know how they move on the battlefield, it would be easier for you to support them every time.


Playing a supporting role on every team game is a really difficult task, and while playing as Janna is not that hard, it does have its own challenges. Thankfully, you have this article as your basic guide into becoming an all-out professional League of Legends Support Player! Just remember these tips about using Janna for your matches, and before you know it, the Platinum League is waving hello right back at you.

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