Free Wi-Fi Hotspot When Travelling


Wi-Fi Hotspot

At present, we have free public Wi-Fi Hotspot access points in most of the places all over the world. They are very useful for everyone when they are travelling because they don’t have their home Wi-Fi networks and also don’t want to pay for mobile data.

We have given some tips to find Wi-Fi hotspot free when you are travelling out of the city or travelling to foreign countries.

Two Restaurant Chains That (Almost) Always Have Free Wi-Fi

Concentrate on Starbucks or a McDonald’s restaurant If you want free Wi-Fi. These two chains contain a number of locations around the world, and they both constantly provide free Wi-Fi.

These are far from the only restaurants with free Wi-Fi, but a Starbucks or McDonald’s is easy to spot from a distance and will probably have free Wi-Fi when you get there. Such like their coffee and food, their free Wi-Fi is also good and you no need to buy anything for using Wi-Fi free you can directly log into that. Obviously, it is good manners  to buy if you are going to be seated for using Wi-Fi for some time.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

More Places With Free Wi-Fi

Public libraries frequently provide free, open Wi-Fi access points also. Cities may also provide free Wi-Fi networks, where you will find in public places like parks or streets where the cities are more active districts. And some shopping malls also offer free Wi-Fi across the whole mall.

Smaller coffee shops may provide their own Wi-Fi access points. Now a day’s Wi-Fi is getting more common- everywhere Wi-Fi hotspot is available like restaurants to grocery stores and department stores.

Hotels probably offer free open Wi-Fi networks to their customers, so you can use their Wi-Fi for a while by sitting in their lobby or parking if they don’t require any password to log on. This is too rare because some hotels and motels lock their Wi-Fi with the passwords. Free Wi-Fi is also available in most of the airports but many airports don’t provide free Wi-Fi. It is based on airports you are you are travelling by.

The free Wi-Fi may not be free every time for instance if it is available in restaurants you need to buy something from their hotel and then only you can access their Wi-Fi. Some Independent restaurants and coffee shops may need your purchase to use their Wi-Fi for free. But, it is good chance however you should stop somewhere in your travelling for food or a coffee.

Keep concentrate on “Wi-Fi” logo sign on a businesses’ window, when you are walking on the roadside streets, that tells you either that business has free Wi-Fi or not.

Wi-Fi Hotspot
Wi-Fi Hotspot

Locate Nearby Wi-Fi Hotspots with an app

If you need help to find where the Wi-Fi is available for free, the Wi-Fi finder app –available for both Android and iOS-can help. After installing this app first run this app and it downloads database free and paid Wi-Fi hotspots all over the world. Then you can use this app whenever you don’t have an internet connection that is you can use in offline. The app uses your GPS to show you nearby Wi-Fi hotspot. You can also see where free Wi-Fi networks are available if you want to plan in advance and see the location anywhere in the world. The app may not be perfect and all the listings will not be up-to-date but it is still helpful.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Your ISP Might Help

Your Internet service provider may have Wi-Fi hotspots that you can use if you pay for internet access at home. For instance, Comcast has been changing its home routers into public hotspots that can be used by other Comcast customers. You can use Xfinity hotspot for free by logging into that if you are a Xfinity customer. These hotspots are becoming most popular because Comcast rolls out routers which change people’s home networks into public Wi-Fi hotspots.

This practice is already well-known in some European countries and outside US countries, so confirm to check your ISP and also see if they provided free Wi-Fi networks for you. Obviously, this works only when you are travelling in your own country- You are unable to find Xfinity network hotspots outside the USA.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Get More Time on Time-Limited Hotspots


Only a few free Wi-Fi hotspots offer you free minutes before they are going to demand to pay up. We have seen this type of process used in different airports and hotels. Luckily we have another way to get a lot of Wi-Fi networks for free with more time without paying.

The networks may find your device by using its MAC address, and it will reject to use more time for Wi-Fi network to you if it identifies your device’s MAC address. You can turn your device’s MAC address and then reconnect to the Wi-Fi access point to get more free Wi-Fi networks available. The access point will see your device a new device and it will give more free time. If it does not give you more time to access, you should clear all your browser cookies.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

If you want to confirm that your laptop or other devices are always having the internet connection, you might want to pay for mobile data instead of forgetting the Wi-Fi Hotspots. Your phone works like a hotspot, which provides Wi-Fi to your remaining devices so they can connect through mobile data by using the internet. Or, you have available a dedicated mobile hotspot device– this may be best for your phone’s battery. Obviously following this route is not free- you should pay for data your cellular provider. You should pay for international data if you are travelling internationally, or else utilize local cellular carrier to the country you are travelling into.

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