After a long day, nobody wants to go back home to manual work, aka, lifting garage doors. To make life easier for the busy commuter, the electric garage door opener came to existence. This battery-operated electrical system is found in every garage in every household. The electrical system offers reliability and security to the vehicles and the family. This makes the garage door remote repair crucial for a family. If there is no scope of repairing the remote, then only you should go for replacing the garage door remote.

Garage Door Remote Repair

Tips for Garage Door Remote Repair

The safety of the house also rests on the security of the garage door. Depending on the extent of damage done to a garage door remote, the repairing cost can go up to around 30 to 40 dollars. While the door opener often plays a key role behind a malfunction, the remote too can cause an issue. Opting for garage door remote repair is the best solution in such instances. There are certain signs that the remote might be faulty, these are:

  • The wall switch is working but not the remote
  • The power is on still the door won’t open
  • Try the app, if that works but not the remote then you need to consider garage door remote repair
  • Try pressing the remote from different distances. This can also determine if you need to change the battery.
  • Try pressing the remote from different distances. This can also determine if you need to change the battery.

Garage Door Remote

Once you have determined that the fault lies in the remote, the following garage door remote repair techniques can be used to make sure the remote is working again.

  • Batteries often cause the remote to die and the transmitter to not work. If you see that the emote is working when you are closer to the door than being 100 yards away, you will know that the batteries are on their last breath. Finding the proper replacement of the battery will help.
  • Often it is not the battery but the contacts which does not complete the circuit. This causes the garage door remote to not work. There can be many reasons for this lack of contact – accumulation of dirt, the contacts are wet, they need polishing. Proper polishing also helps to keep the doors in superb condition, and even the remote can experience radio frequency when you have the right garage doors at your disposal.
  • The working of the remote depends on infra-red (IR) signal which is transmitted from the eye of the remote to the eye of the unit. While the unit’s eye getting damages is rare, the garage remote accompanies the driver and the friction between the remote’s eye and any abrasive material can cause scratches. To address this, the polishing of the plastic with special solution is the only garage door remote repair option available.
  • Often the simplest form of garage door remote repair is reprogramming the remote. If the batteries are replaced, the contacts are polished and the IR unit is brand new, the problem can lie is a glitch of the remote. Reprogramming it often solves any functionality issue. Each remote comes with their own user manual with the proper guide for reprogramming.

Often a garage door remote repair does not solve the problem. Considering a replacement is the only way. You can contact your garage door opener manufacturer and enquire about the availability of the model number. In case the whole model is no longer in use and the spare parts and accessories are no longer produced, a universal remote can be a solution. Keeping the security of your house in mind, opt for a complete opener replacement. By chance, if you lose your remote then you can surely buy it from a reputed hardware store.

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