With the rise of smartphone users, gaming is becoming a regular part of our day to day lives. But, passionate gamers aren’t thrilled by the convenience that mobile games offer. They want to play the best games with the best graphics, and to do that; they need high-quality accessories.

Gaming Accessory

A faulty headset or a glitchy gaming mouse can ruin the entire gaming experience. Buying gaming accessories allows gamers to eliminate these risks. Plus, users get to add customizations to their accessories. There are over two-billion gamers across the world. Supporting their demands is a gaming industry that’s churning out high-quality games and gaming accessories every year. Selecting some essential accessories from an extensive catalog of tech accessories is difficult. Here’s a guide on picking essential accessories to create the perfect PC gaming setup.

Selecting Accessories – Setting Your Priorities

Be it a keyboard or a specific type of Wi-Fi router, to select the perfect gaming accessory, users must first assess their gaming priorities. The kind of gaming accessories they’ll need depend on the following factors-

  • The gaming genre – Different genres of games require different types of accessories. For instance, for mission-based action games, listening to opposition players’ footsteps is essential. Hence, players who play mission-based action games must get a high-quality headset.
  • Gameplay type – Do you play as a first-person character or a third person character? Is the main input function of your favorite games, the keyboard, or the mouse? These details are essential when choosing gaming accessories.
  • Gamer’s persona – Some gamers prefer playing on-camera for streaming, whereas others prefer playing off-camera in noise-proof rooms.

By assessing these three factors, gamers will get a basic sketch of the types of accessories they need. Irrespective of these personalization factors, here are some must-have gaming accessories that every gamer will benefit from owning

  1. Audio Equipment

    Investing in high-quality audio equipment is vital for players who want to have a top-quality gaming experience. As per recent studies, 63% of adult gamers play multiplayer games on the internet with friends. To do so, they’ll need a decent headset. Over-hear headsets are the most common amongst gamers as they offer amazing surround-sound qualities.

Some qualities to look for when getting an over-ear headset –

  • Support for DTS – DTS or Digital Theater Systems is a home theater audio format. Headsets that support this audio format mixes stereo audio to give gaming sounds a surround sound effect.
  • Wireless – Although cable-connected headsets cost less, headsets that come with wireless audio receivers are more convenient to use.
  • Microphone – The microphone on the gaming headset needs to be flexible. Or else, gamers will find it hard communicating efficiently. Gaming mics also need to support bi-directional audio input so that background noise can be easily blocked out.

Gamers who play in groups should all get headsets with similar features. By doing so, they can adjust the game audio as per their teammates’ settings, making sure communication is never hampered. Gamers who aren’t comfortable playing with headsets must invest in a set of high-quality stereo speakers.

Always opt for 2.1 audio systems as they come with a subwoofer for extra bass. These sets also contain two high-quality stereo speakers, which are enough to simulate an immersive surround sound effect.

Buying Bluetooth speakers is a must. Gamers can then stream audio from their phones when they’re not playing. Other features like programmable LED lights on the speakers or colors aren’t as important.

Ergonomics and Comfort

As long as gamers buy Pc Parts in UAE that suit their comfort levels, they won’t be displeased with their purchases. Some must-have gaming comfort accessories include –

 Ergonomic Chair

 Long gaming sessions can cause physical stress. Back pain is inevitable for gamers who don’t use an ergonomic chair.

  • Look for features like a high-back design to support the body, adjustable head/armrests, and cushions.
  • Make sure that the chair can be angled anywhere between 90-120 degrees. Also, roller wheels make the gaming experience more comfortable.

 Ergonomic Keyboard  

Ergonomic Keyboards make PC gaming comfortable, efficient, and consequently, a lot more fun. Look for innovative features like cushioned and detachable wrist rests. Backlighting on a keyboard may seem uncomfortable at first, but they look amazing, and users can get used to them after a few gaming sessions.

 Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

The gaming mouse should ideally complement the ergonomic gaming keyboard. The key features that make a gaming mouse efficient include –

  • Optical sensors to track user movements
  • At least eight customizable buttons; each can be programmed to input different settings
  • LED lighting zones to give the backlit keyboard a complementary look.
  • Curved frame with tight grips
  • Comfortable to hold
  1. Graphics – High-Definition Monitor

    It’s impossible to enjoy in-game graphics without a high-resolution screen. Gamers should go for monitors that are meant for gaming. Also, the monitor must support HDR content (high dynamic range), or else they’ll experience visual glitches.

These accessories will elevate gaming experiences!

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