Pregnancy Diet Food and Drinks

Pregnancy Diet

During pregnancy period, women need to be very careful in every aspect of pregnancy. Because it’s your main duty to take care of the little baby that is in your stomach. You also need to know about the foods that you really want to eat during pregnancy. Which foods are good during pregnancy? You must know the basics of foods which are harmful. In this pregnancy diet article, you can find the water supplements and foods that you must drink and eat during pregnancy.

1. Water


Even if we drink water every day, it is important to drink the required amount of water during pregnancy. This helps to keep your body hydrated. It also helps prevent vomiting and dizziness when it is pregnant. It also prevents urinal infections. You must drink eight liters of water every day.

2. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is best for you to refresh yourself. This is mainly recommended for pregnant women. Vitamin C is high. This vitamin C helps in absorbing your body iron. Also, this lemon juice helps to get rid of the fever in the morning during pregnancy.

3. Tender Coconut Water

Tender Coconut Water

The coconut water is a must-have drink for you. Drinking coconut water has many benefits. It contains potassium, chlorides, and magnesium. It also contains digestible fiber, calcium, magnesium and vitamin C. This prevents your body from drying up. It also controls blood pressure.

4. ButterMilk


Buttermilk is a milk product and it is a great source of water. It helps to increases your calcium. Calcium is one of the most important bones of the baby. It also helps prevent blood clotting. Pregnant women need to drink this buttermilk mainly to get rid of the hardness of the sunlight.

5. Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice

Carrot juice has vitamin A, C, E, K and it is very good during pregnancy. It’s good for your body to lose body fatigue.

6. Orange Juice

Orange Juice

Orange is a citrus type of fruit. Most of these are vitamin C subunits. Orange juice is good for you and your child during your pregnancy.

7. Apple Juice

Apple Juice

Apple juice is good and healthy. Apple gives your body good strength. If you drink it regularly, you will not feel tiredness.

8. Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea

Let’s start your day with herbal tea. Many herbal teas have no caffeine. Caffeine causes miscarriage. So let’s avoid this. Herbal tea, which is called rooibos, is good for you. There will not be caffeine. It has a lot of antioxidants.

9. Vegetables


Your nutrition needs cannot be compensated with anything other than vegetables. You can drink juice types such as broccoli and cabbage. Folic acid foods are good to intake it.

10. Cucumber


Cucumber will reduce the body heat and it’s also delicious. So drinking cucumber juice is great.

11. Mint Tea

Mint Tea

Mint tea is good for pregnant women. It helps to get rid of fatigue in the morning for pregnant women.

12. Milk


Pregnant women dring milk is good for their health. Drinking milk before sleeping on a daily basis will give you sleep better. More milk is rich in calcium.

13. Flax Seeds

Flax Seeds

Put the flax seeds in a bowl and soak it well for 10 minutes and drink the water. It is good for the pregnant women’s health.

14. Paneer


One of the Veg food which is rich in protein is paneer. Besides the protein, calcium is also rich in the paneer. So it is good to take by pregnant women regularly.

15. Green vegetables

Green Veggies

Green leafy vegetables have no calories, so pregnant women can take it without fear. You can also add spinach, broccoli, drumstick in the diet.

16. Kidney Beans

Kidney Beans

Nutrients are high in kidney beans. Pregnant women can take this because it has a lot of protein too for the baby development.

17. Yogurt


One of the milk products yogurts is good calcium and has good bacteria that increase digestion. So if you are pregnant with heartburn, add lots of yogurt to your diet.

18. Meal Maker( Soya Chunks)

Meal Maker

Since the meal maker is high in protein and vitamin D, it is good to take it once a week.

19. Beans


There are many types of beans. All types of beans have a substance that gives the body’s required protein and gives more energy. It has fiber that keeps the bacteria uniform.

20. Pulses


If the pulses are added to the diet daily, the body’s required protein will be consumed. So add pulses to the daily diet.

21. Cereal


If you eat cereal mixed with fruits, milk, and nuts, there is a greater chance to get calcium, vitamin D and DHA for the development of the child’s brain.

22. Coconut


The Coconuts have good cholesterol, the pregnant women can have it to keep her energetic. If pregnant women eat coconuts, the baby will be white as the Indian superstition believes.

23. Nuts


In almond, vitamin E is available. So it’s good to be taken as a snack.

24. Banana


Pregnant women should take a banana daily. This will give energy to the body and increase the amount of fiber in the body. The digestion will happen smoothly.

Include these 24 food items in your pregnancy diet to keep you and your baby healthy. Also, don’t forget or avoid doctor’s advice.

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