How to Setup Focus Assist in Windows 10?

Focus Assist in Windows 10


Most of us have the bitter experience of notification popups appearing while watching a movie or playing games on the computer. Focus Assist is a new feature that conceals Windows 10’s notifications to get rid of it anyway. Quiet hours provided a facility do not disturb for a period of time. But focus assist can help you to adjust the comfort of your choice.

It was introduced in Windows Update in April 2018. It is more advanced and easier to configure than the Quiet Hours.

1) Activate the Focus Assist feature

When the it is enabled, notifications will be hidden from the screen. To activate the Focus Assist feature, right-click the Notification Center icon, scroll down and go to Focus Assist and choose “Priority Only” or “Alarms only” for your choice.

You can decide which announcements are important and which are not. Another way to enable it is to go to the Action center and choose ON or OFF. To go to the Action Center, click the Notification Center icon or press Windows + A. If it does not have FA feature, try to find out the link there.

Another way to enable it is to go to Settings and turn on or Off the Focus assist feature. You can choose one of three choices in it on the user’s choice.

1) “Off”
2) “Priority Only”
3) “Alarms Only”. These are totally optional for users.

2) Configure priority list

You can choose the most important apps and people through the priority list. Choose the Focus Assist in Settings and select the app and the people who will get priority in the “Customizing Your Priority List” option. Windows’s ‘my people’ feature is also used. But the feedback from the person who sends SMS messages through the app of accepting this feature will be exposed. The notifications that come through other apps are hidden.

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