Fix “Unfortunately, Messenger Has Stopped”

Facebook Messenger

Nowadays chatting has become everyone’s hobby. There are tons of messengers that can be installed on Android, iOS, and Windows Phones. They include Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Hike, WeChat, and many others similar to these. As all these applications can be installed on your smartphones, everyone has these in their hands. But what if someone is not having a smartphone or lost it? Don’t worry! Facebook has the solution for this. Yes! Ever since the Facebook has started, it has its own identity. The Facebook messenger will help you out.

Every individual has a Facebook account. And the best thing about Facebook is it doesn’t necessarily require a smartphone. A laptop or PC will Internet connection will work. You can continue to chat with your Friends on Facebook messenger without any break.

But you may face a problem with this Facebook messenger. Are you thinking what would be the problem? Well! I’ll say. Sometimes, while chatting with your friends, the Facebook messenger would say “Unfortunately, Messenger Has Stopped.” I’m sure, this will annoy you. Did you ever come across this problem and tried ti fix it. Here I am to give you the solution for how to fix this problem.

Below is the procedure to be followed to fix this problem when you get “Unfortunately, Messenger Has Stopped” error notification on your messenger.

Step 1: “Uninstall” the current Facebook messenger app which you are using on your smartphone.

Step 2: “Restart” your phone for the proper functioning of all the apps on your phone.

Step 3: “Install” a new version of the Facebook messenger app on your phone and get started with the messenger app.

Now you can use the Facebook messenger app without any interference of such error not “Unfortunately, Messenger has stopped”, or anything like this.

Hope, you find this article useful to sort out the problem when it shows “Unfortunately, Messenger has stopped” with your Facebook messenger app on your smartphone or PC/Laptop.

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