How To Fix a Slow PC


Do you feel your computer is slow? And it is truly beginning to drive you insane. This can be an extremely disappointing circumstance on the off chance that you are attempting to complete critical work. On the off chance that you can, it is unquestionably worth putting a couple of minutes aside to attempt to alter your slow PC. In this aide, we investigate 9 free ways to fix a slow PC.

Defragment the Hard Drive

This is one of the most effortless things you can do to recapture some rate. On the off chance that the hard drive is divided, it can prompt poor execution. To defrag, just open up “my PC” and right tap on the drive you wish to defragment. At that point, click properties, click instruments, and snap defragment now. Simply take after the guidelines from here in Windows. In Windows 7 and 8, you can have Windows naturally defrag your drive in light of a calendar. As should be obvious, my PC auto-defrags each Wednesday at 1 AM.

Remove Spyware

You don’t need spyware on your PC for different reasons. Expelling spyware can both rate up your PC and keep your PC more secure. I utilize the free form of Ad-Aware by lavasoft for this. It is free, simple to utilize, and benefits a vocation cleaning. You should simply to just download and introduce Ad-Aware and afterwards let it sweep and expel any spyware. That is it!

Remove Malware

Ideally, there isn’t any malware on your PC. Nonetheless, if there is, it can truly back you off. You can utilize Malwarebytes to check for and expel any malware. Malwarebytes is free and makes an extraordinary showing with regards to finding and dispensing with any issues. Much the same as the tip over, you should simply to download and introduce Malwarebytes and afterwards run a sweep with it.

Remove Unused Programs

Do you have any programs that you no more utilize? Assuming this is the case, evacuating or removing these can free up hard drive space and system resources which will help the pace of your PC. I would suggest utilizing the include/expel programs device found in the control panel for this. This will ensure any programs are legitimately uninstalled.


To do this, Open Programs and Features by tapping the Start button, clicking Control Panel, click Programs, control panel and after that clicking Programs and Features. From here, you can choose a program you no more need and snap uninstall.

Disable Windows Indexing Service


This is another basic one that can include a little speed support. To disable windows indexing, open up “My Computer”, Right Click on C:, Click properties, Uncheck ” Allow Indexing Service to index this disk for fast file searching”, click OK.

Physically Clean Your Computer

In the event that your PC is getting up their in age, clearing out the dust can lessen warmth and pace up the system. I would prescribe wiping down within and outside of the case and after that utilizing a jar of packed air to wipe the dust out of the fans and off the motherboard. Ensure you close down and unplug the PC before opening it up.

Remove Temporary Internet Files

This is a really snappy one that may accelerate your perusing background. On the off chance that you haven’t done this is quite a while, this can truly make your perusing knowledge quicker and more agreeable too.

Remove or move old files, photos, videos, pictures, etc

This is like the tip about evacuating old programs. On the off chance that you can free up some disk space, you might have the capacity to build the execution of your hard drive. On the off chance that you discover a considerable measure to evacuate, I would prescribe defragmenting your hard drive again after you expel these documents.

Cut down on what Starts Up When Windows Starts

Utilising Microsoft’s MSConfig tool, you can eliminate the quantity of tasks that naturally start up when Windows begins. Each program that auto-begins utilises framework or system resources. Why not simply start up rarely utilised projects when you really require them?

You can alter your startup by tapping the Windows symbol or begin, then writing in MSConfig into the search  bar. Next, go to the tab marked start-up. From here, you can pick and pick what programs you need to debilitate when Windows first begins up. For instance, do you truly require iTunes, Steam, AIM, and so on to all begin when Windows begins? Why not simply run them when you require them.

These are best ways to fix a slow PC.

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