Repair 0x8004210A Error Code

What is 0x8004210A?

0x8004210A is a typical POP3 email error message. This error may occur sometimes while you attempt to check your Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) email account. 0x8004210A error code hinders your ability to send and receive e-mails on your Outlook account both.

Error 0x8004210A is showed in any one of the following formats on your PC:

The operation timed out to come for a response from the server 0x8004210A (POP).

Task smtp server name – Sending and Receiving reported error (0x8004210A): The operation timed out waiting for a response from the receiving (pop) server. If you keep on to receive this message, call your server administrator or internet server provider (ISP).

Solution for 0x8004210A

Download the Outlook PST Repair Utility to safely recover email, calendar contacts and all PST data.

0x8004210A Error Causes

Error 0x8004210A occurs due to some reasons. Yet, some of frequently occur causes included below

  • Wrong port number for the POP incoming server
  • Using connection for email sever is too slow
  • Incoming and outgoing emails are being scanned and stopped by an antivirus installed on your system
  • The Outlook send and receive job is being blocked by Firewall
  • You are sending and receiving large series of emails or large email attachments
  • Registry issues

No matter what the cause of this error is, to resume email communication via Outlook and to make sure your work productivity is not affected, it is recommended that you resolve this  error code on your PC immediately.

Manual Repair for 0x8004210A

To fix this error , here are some of the most useful and easy manual methods that you can apply:

Method 1

If the cause of the error is connected to the internet connection then here’s what you require to do. Try freeing up your internet connection by closing any other online activities in progress or downloads being carried on your system.

Method 2

Attempt to increase your server time out periods. To do this, open the Outlook File menu and select account settings. Now just double click on your email account and additional settings. Now hit on advanced and increase your server timeout period to resolve.

Method 3

If you are trying to send or receive heavy and large emails on your Outlook account, the error may pop up.

This happens since while transferring large  files the email account automatically locks until the task is complete, however if it takes more time the next Send and Receive job starts while the first one is still not complete.

In such an event, the email severs then times out and shows you the error. Therefore to resolve, you will have to show patience. Simply wait for the large email to be sent or received before you start sending another email.

Method 4

If the antivirus installed on your system is the cause for the error pop up, then disable it for a few minutes until the operation is complete. After the task is performed successfully enable it.

Method 5

Likewise, if the Firewall installed on your system is avoiding Outlook from reaching your mail sever, and then just disable the Firewall to resolve.

Method 6

While error 0x8004210A is triggered by registry issues, then download Total System

This is a reliable and a user-friendly registry cleaner that scans and removes all registry errors in seconds. It avoids invalid entries, repairs damaged files and cleans and restores the registry back to normal.

 Manually Fix error codeThis is all about tips to manually fix 0x8004210A code on your system.

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