Consider When Buying a Bluetooth Speaker

Battery life, and power bank capabilities

Nowadays one of our favorite electronic accessories is Portable Bluetooth speaker. By increasing number of connected devices and out active lifestyles. The most notable audio makers are also focussing on building well-heeled. The accomplished portable Bluetooth speakers priced at multiple price points. While the basic speakers focus on delivering the best quality possible. More expensive portable speakers aim to present more features than the basic needs of a speaker.
We have listed five things that you should keep in mind before buying a portable Bluetooth speaker with all of these in mind. The best way to test a speaker is to go to a physical store and listen to how your speaker of choice sounds to get started. Audio often depends on how you personally like it. While some prefer bass-heavy audio, many like a more uniform balance of audio.All of this only becomes evident only when you listen to it for yourself.

Wireless Range and multi-speaker setup:
wireless speakers

Most good wireless speakers exhibit multi-unit pairing daisy chaining. You can remain connected to a source device flawlessly across at least 30 feet. Even through furniture and walls. Speakers such as the UE Boom and Boom 2,  Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A1 and many others exhibit daisy chaining. This also allows stereo playback. Add good wireless range to it. You have an ideal portable Bluetooth speaker for indoor and outdoor playback.
Battery life, and power bank capabilities:
Battery life

You wouldn’t want a portable speaker that runs out of charge too soon now. Opt for the likes of Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2. This offers over 12 hours of playback. They can even charge devices. Expansive battery stamina is crucial if you go outdoors often. The likes of Altec Lansing Lifejacket 2 can last for days of playback.
Durability and Waterproofing:

waterproof bluetooth

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers
Usually, speakers have been pristine instruments. On concord, you can now opt for speakers that will not get damaged in a few accidental falls with the new array of activity-oriented speakers. For instance the likes of Altec Lansing’s Mini Lifejacket 2 or UE Roll. You won’t go wrong in terms of sturdiness.
Opt for speakers with separate bass drivers/radiators:
Opt for speakers with separate bass drivers

Good speakers employ a separate bass radiator typically. This allows for better delivery of bass. It leaves room for the primary driver to deliver crisp. Those are passive radiator drives powerful, clear lows, detailed mids, and well-balanced highs. How the speaker of your choice delivers audio, enquire from the company. We know of UE Boom 2 using separate bass radiators.
Portability, loudness, and distortion:
Portability, loudness, and distortion

Ensure that it is actually portable when you buy a portable speaker. Speakers such as JBL Xtreme and Bang & Olufsen’s Beolit 15 do sound great. They are a bit too large and heavy to be considered portable.
Of course, Loudness is important. You can check online or with the company about how loud it is. Confirm to check the frequency range too. Most good speakers should deliver frequencies between 100Hz and 20,000Hz.
We strongly recommend you go to a store and check how the speaker performs at peak loudness, amidst all of these. Usually, even good speakers deliver slight amounts of distortion at the highest volume. The best way to buy is to heat multiple speakers and which among them delivers the cleanest audio. Speakers such as Bose SoundLink III and UE Boom 2, B&O Beoplay A1 deliver the cleanest audio around. They are also very well-covered in terms of the range of speakers on offer.

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