Reply SMS message in Fitbit Ionic and Versa Smartwatch

reply SMS message in smartwatch.

An update for the Fitbit OS 2.1 platform was recently announced. This platform runs on the Fitbit Ionic and Versa Model Smartwatch. While Android users have to wait for some time to keep track of the health, a new feature included in the Android platform which will make iOS users envious.

The new feature has been released to Android users will alow them to reply SMS message in smartwatch. Android users who are using the Fitbit Ionic and Versa Smartwatches can send the reply directly to the SMS via smartwatch.

Update Watch:

If you do not have a notification to upgrade a smartwatch, you can open a new Fitbit app and install the new update. You have to follow steps in the Fitbit app. Keeping the smartwatch on the charger is good while updating.

Custom Reply:

After upgrading the smartwatch, you can reply SMS message in Smartwatch. Five replies have been provided on behalf of the Fitbit, but you can make them customized.

Open the Fitbit app and go to Device Setting page and click on Notifications> Quick Replies. When doing this you can see the applications that support this feature in the display. Choose one of these and type your own answer and then leave the settings page.

When the short message received by you, both options will appear on the screen (Reply or Mark as Read). Click on the reply option, read the Short Message, and then select your Quick reply or Swipe on the left to select the Fitbit Emoji.

Even though there are headbands in the Fitbit offering emoticons, for others it will look like the usual emoji to see. Once you click on the reply option, the Fitbit app will take care of the rest.

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