We want to start with a little explanation about what the MacKeeper is. Mackeeper is a paid utility kit for your Mac that has many controversial opinions about it. Basically, it has 17 different performance tune-up apps which sound great when you hear about it, but many people have doubts about it.

Uninstall MacKeeper
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There are various ways to get rid of the MacKeeper, but there are also some great features that it provides. Therefore in this post, we are going to go into more detail about the features that can come in handy and if you don’t think they are useful to you – then you can simply follow our guide for uninstalling the MacKeeper. 

How Does MacKeeper Function

The first thing that annoys some people is that the app is paid. For €15 a month you receive a bunch of apps that are supposed to make your Mac’s performance somewhat better. There’s also a discount if you choose a 24-month prepaid plan, but it still is a paid app. 

So there’s no surprise most people are not excited about paying the additional €15 a month for some performance app that they don’t really know about. Another point of annoyance is that you have no choice but to purchase the whole bundle. It doesn’t matter if you only find two or three of the features useful, you still have to pay for the whole 17.

Which Apps Are Really Unnecessary? 

Unnecessary Tools
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So let’s talk a little about the MacKeeper and the tools on it that you don’t need. There are 8 apps that are useless: Anti-Theft tools, Backup, Data Encryptor, Default Apps, Disk Usage, Files Finder, Login Items, and Update Tracker. And here’s why – they do absolutely the same thing and operate the same functions as some other apps you already have on your Mac. So why pay money for apps you already have for free and have no trouble using? More to it, you already have those apps and need no additional effort to install or configure them. So mainly you are left with 9 apps that have little to no use – are they worth €15 a month?

Apps That Have Some Benefits

So these are the apps that have some actual use for your Mac’s performance but still don’t seem like something you would be using every day.

Adware Cleaner is meant for searching and deleting malicious software from your Mac. Although this app has almost no use if you are not the one to often download pirated software from the internet, which is a bad practice anyway.

Geek on Demand gives you the possibility to contact a technician directly from the MacKeeper app. On one hand, it seems convenient, but on the other hand, it is not much more difficult to simply contact Certified Apple Support which is free, unlike the Geek on Demand app. 

Internet Security is an app that takes care of all the malware. And even if we do agree that you shouldn’t leave your Mac unprotection, no matter how safe and effective this computer is, this app still doesn’t have too much use. If you want serious protection for your entire computer, then maybe you should invest in an Antivirus that is meant especially for that purpose. 

Memory Cleaner – the main idea of this app is to make your Mac run faster by removing apps from your RAM. But the truth is, it’s not that difficult to quit the unused apps by yourself. Also, if you learn how to use the Activity Monitor, it will be easy to close down the apps that eat up too many resources in a matter of seconds. 

The Most Useful Cleanup Assistance Apps 

The Cleanup Assistance apps seem to be the most useful on the list of features that MacKeeper has to offer. Here we’ll shortly explain the best features of these apps.

Shredder is responsible for destroying and completely deleting files from your Mac without any chance of recovering those files.

Duplicates Finder app can help you out when you need to locate duplicate files that are somewhere hidden on your Mac. 

Fast Cleanup erases all unnecessary additional files like languages and logs that are created in the process of installing and using various apps. 

Files Recovery will save your life when you need to recover some important files that have been deleted by accident (or not).

Smart Uninstaller is used for perfectly removing apps together with all the files that were created during the period when you were using the app you want to uninstall. 

How to Uninstall MacKeeper

Uninstall MacKeeper
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We are giving you this guide because you can’t uninstall it by simply dragging it to the Trash. To prepare to remove MacKeeper, first remove all trash, eject all external disks, and unblock all encrypted files if you were using the encryption feature on MacKeeper. 

Now, quit MacKeeper, delete the app. Then open the Mac Finder, click Go and then press on the command Go to Folder. Then you will have to remove any file that has MacKeeper keyword in it. After that, go to Applications, choose Utilities, click on Keychain Access and see if nothing with the MacKeeper name appears. If you find something – delete it. Next, go to System Preferences, Users & Groups, and press on the Login Items menu. Delete MacKeeper from here. And finally, empty the trash. Now the MacKeeper is successfully uninstalled.

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