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CBD Oils Myths

The significant wellness trend of CBD oils in 2018 is continuing to go stronger than ever this 2019. Many researchers are already claiming the great future that CBD will bring not only in the field of medicine but also for the economy of one country.

One question is not whether we should incorporate CBD products in our life or not, but how true the statements said by other people. Written in this article are some of the myths about CBD oils that you need to avoid, and the facts that you need to know.

Myth 1: CBD –The Bigger Dosage, the Better Outcome

A lot of people assume that the more dosage you take, the better the effect of cannabid oil. This belief might come from the idea that no matter how much CBD you partake or apply, you will never seriously overdose.

The fact is, having more CBD dosage for a better outcome, however, can lessen the efficacy of CBD products sometimes. CBD has different effects on people. Not everyone should intake or apply CBD products more than what is in the prescription; some people can and should, while others should not. According to Verified CBD, It’s important to do your research so you can make an educated guess as to what your appropriate dosage will be. The right dosage will depend on many different factors including body mass, CBD tolerance, genetics, the issue you’re treating, the product type and its concentration of CBD, and so on. To buy wholesale CBD products, click here.

Myth 2: CBD Oil is 100% Safe

CBD oil is well-known for having a myriad of health benefits, ranging from being a pain reliever to anti-cancer. That is why many people claimed that it is a “miracle cure-all.” Not only that, but it is also referred to as 100% safe because of its non-psychoactive properties.

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The fact is, it is not 100% safe, especially without professional guidance. CBD oils may contain side effects. Dryness of the mouth, low blood pressure, drowsiness, lightheadedness, diarrhea, and signs of liver injuries are some of the side effects of CBD.

Nonetheless, it is not due to the hidden bad properties that CBD oils have, but because of how the body of every person reacts to the medication. Most of the time, strength, potency and dosage lead to confusion.

Myth 3: CBD Oil is Legal in every States of America

Under the famous Hemp Farming Act of 2018, cannabis plants with less than 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol or THC are considered ordinary agricultural commodities. After the approval of this federal law, most people who are selling CBD products, which are from hemp, tend to claim that these medications are legal in all the states in America.

The fact is, the usage of CBD oil cannot be always and immediately legal in some states. Although the federal law allows people and institutions to manufacture, sell, study and take CBD, still they should follow and pass some specific requirements before doing so.


There are also rumors stating that CBD products are not non-psychoactive. The term psychoactive refers to any drug that can affect one’s mind and behavior. However, CBD can treat anxiety, seizure disorders, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. All are parts of one’s mind and behavior.  Technically, CBD is not non-psychoactive.

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