Facetune and Enlight Review

Jerusalem-based light tricks Know to be unique in thousands of photo apps. They have done this two times-by Facetune and Enlight. Facetune is currently the top most app in the U.S. according to App Annie.

We trapped in Israel with the CEO Zeev Farbman for a video interview. He said some tricks to use the Lightricks photo apps and description of why he believes they were capable of cutting through the noise in a very crowded app category.

Farbman said that lightsticks “takes the retouching capabilities of photoshop and makes simple to use them”. He credits Facetune’s reputation to its simplicity.Top Photo Apps

Facetune costs $3.99 on both Android and iOS, whitens your teeth, evens out skin tone and erases blemishes. Even though many photo apps making similar adjustments, Facetune works easily by swiping the problem areas. In the time of “selfies,” the app had fast growth in photo-enhancing favourite.

Enlight , which also costs $3.99,but it is available only on iOS, that is designed to make smartphone photography look professional. Enlight pushed it is more exactness in adjusting light and colour when compared to other filters, it also can be done by dragging one’s finger. Enlight is having looks for artistic or landscape photos.

He established it in the above video.

The startup, which has risen over $10 million in investment from Carmel Ventures, is found at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University. Farbman also traits the team’s early toehold to the startup’s closeness to engineering talent. “The success of such a big effort is constructing this creative ecosystem,” said Farbman. Lightricks has a “huge pool of talent is used to attract the best people from.”

This is the description of how Facetune and Enlight became the top photo apps.Top Photo Apps

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