Facebook is testing a snooze feature that temporarily mutes posts from friends, groups, and pages

Facebook Snooze Feature


Facebook introduces Snooze Feature! Facebook has announced a new feature on Facebook that will be launched soon on Facebook’s site soon. According to the Facebook Snooze feature, customers have been told that the following the Facebook pages or groups may be suspended for 30 days. This means Facebook users can not view the posts posted on the page for 30 days or the posts posted on those groups.

According to the Facebook, it will be available for everyone in the coming weeks.

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch Service

The Facebook watch is expected to be a big hit like YouTube in the upcoming years and is expected to be useful service for everyone. Facebook has announced that it will release Facebook Watch video service in India from January to March next year.

Messenger Kids App

Messenger Kids App

Based on the information announced by Facebook, children below the age of 13 can use the new Messenger Kids app for free. The Facebook company has also made it possible for children to send their parents SMS messages.


As far as the new Messenger Kids Careers are concerned, kids cannot add their friends or delete short messages. There are a lot of features that parents can control.

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