Facebook is the most famous social networking site. Through Facebook, the user can share their status, photos, videos with their friends. It is the best way for staying connected with friends. The main advantage of Facebook is it is free of cost. Here is a fact about facebook, which is not known to many of us. That is Facebook uses antivirus to protect the user’s profile from virus, malwares, worms, Trojans etc. also there are some applications in facebook which are designed by the leading antivirus company. These applications will scan the user’s complete profile (i.e) it will scan the user’s timeline. Here are some applications  which scan the profile and it’s the today’s facebook security tips


Bitdefender safego will protect the user’s facebook account from all sorts of troubles like scams, spam, virus, malware etc. It will also keep your friends safe. The user has to visit this website and then login to their facebook account through Bitdefender Saego.  Then it will start scanning your complete profile and produces a detailed report. The report includes the number of scanned files, the files infected with malwares, the status of the profile whether it is protected or not. In case if nay malwares are found in your profile, the Bitdefender safego will automatically delete the virus and make your account secure.


Secure.Me works like an antivirus for social networking web sites and their applications. This antivirus uses a sophisticated algorithms and it will identify the threads in the photos, videos the user post or which is tagged to their profile by their friends.  In addition it also protects your friends profile from threads. It is 24/7 check for all your posts. It also protects from dangerous links. It monitors all the photos, friends and the activities of the user’s friends. It keeps our facebook profile safe.  With just a single called “scan now” it will delete all the malwares in your profile. It is very simple and easy.  Some of the features of Secure me are

  1. Privacy control,
  2. Application advisor,
  3. Reputation guard.

Application advisor will control all your facebook applications. The image of Secure me is given below


Norton protects your profile from malicious URL by scanning the user’s feed using Norton safe web. With this you can also protect your friends from malicious URL, which is present in your feed. The user have to install Norton in their facebook , then the links and stuffs posted in their facebook account will be scanned and the results will be displayed in a real time manner. The main thing is the user has to on the “auto scan “option in this application. If that is made on, then every time the user’s update will be scanned by Norton Safeweb. The updates will be sent to your mail id by Norton safe web.