If the user doesn’t want to show their profile updates to all friends but they do not want to unfriend them, then its easy, you can add them in restricted list. In that case the restricted friends can see only the stuffs that you make public. This feature allows the user to keep a good relationship on it even when you are hiding facebook profile updates from them.

The main difference between restricted friends and blocked friends is that, restricted friends cannot view the user’s profile updates on Facebook. Blocked friends cannot able to view anything in the user’s timeline, chat or tag with them.

Here are some which shows how to restrict friends from viewing your facebook Profile updates:

  • First, sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Next, click the gear icon which is at the top right corner of the Facebook home page.
  • Then select Privacy settings from menu panel.
  • Go to left side of the page under Privacy settings page and click on Blocking Section.
  • Now the user can see a new page called Manage blocking on the screen. Then select Edit list link under restricted list option.
  • Edit restricted window will be displayed. Now select Friends button at the top left side, it will show all your facebook friends in list.
  • If you want to restrict someone from viewing your public updates, click on their names.
  • After selecting the friends whom you want to restrict, select Finish button. Now the changes that you made to your profile will be updated instantly.

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