Function Key Shortcuts

Shortcuts of Function keys

The Function Key from F1 to F12 has their own shortcuts that save most of your time. It is important to know these shortcuts which most of us don’t know. Each of these keys has different functionality. Some of these are really useful. The main thing is these keys are located on the top row of the computer keyboard.

These keys will allow you to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the keyboard. The below are the uses of each of the function key.


Opens the Help Screen for every program that is being executed on your computer.


This function key allows you to rename a selected file or folder.


This key opens a search feature for an application that is currently active.


This key, when used with Alt (Alt + F4), closes the window that is currently active.


This will reload or refresh the page or document window


Moves the cursor to the address bar in the Internet browser.


This key is used to spell check or grammar checks a document in Microsoft applications like MS. Word.


This is used to access the boot menu in Windows while the computer is switched ON.


Refreshes a document in MS. Word. It also sends and receives emails in Microsoft Outlook.


Activates the menu bar of an application that is currently open. This key used with Shift button (Shift + F10) works as a Right click.


Enters and exits full-screen mode in Internet browsers.


This Function key opens the Save as dialog box in Microsoft Word.

Now you can use all the Function Key shortcuts as and when you require them.

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