Chrome Has an Option to Export Saved Login Credentials, Here’s How to Enable It

export saved login credentials from Google Chrome

Would you like to see the entire saved login credentials from chrome, or backup all your id’s and passwords? Google has now provided a solution to this option.

Google has introduced the ability to get all the passwords stored as a contact backup file. This feature is available from the latest update of Google Chrome. This allows you to get all of your internet passwords via a CSV (comma separated values) file. When you switch from one browser to another browser, the login details are greatly useful.

If you are wondering how to get all the saved web passwords, here are the instructions:

Before doing the following steps, we need to remember some things.

• It is not safe since anyone can access the CSV file as mentioned above. So it’s good to store it in a safe place.
• Users can access this CSV file using Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets.
• You can get those login data using the various popular password manager.


The latest version of Google Chrome (version 66).

Steps to Follow:

Get Passwords from Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome with your PC or Mac.
2. Click on the three horizontal points visible at the top right corner.
3. Go to Settings.
4. Scroll down and click on advanced options (Advanced option).
5. Search the password in Password and Forms section.
6. Click on the points in the three horizontal bar in the Manage Passwords section. Click on Export Passwords selection. Click on the popup in the Export Passwords selection. You need to confirm your identity by providing your login information on your PC or Mac.
7. Select the location to be saved and click on Save to get all your password passwords successfully.

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