Export Email Addresses Of All Your Facebook Friends

export-email-addressesGo to Facebook apps directory search for something like “export contacts” and you will get some applications that sound as if they can export your friends contact information out of Facebook it helps to export email addresses of them.

If you follow the “export friends” app it will save your friends names, city, birthday and their current location in a CSV(text) file that you can transfer into Gmail or any other web emails. Also you have social plug-ins that can refresh photos and status updates of your Facebook friends with similar contacts in outlook.

But no app can download email addresses and phone numbers of your facebook friends. This is possible through Grease monkey scripts (or hacks), for to put this information from Facebook through “web scraping”. if you choose this way Facebook might ban your account forever, so don’t ever take that way.

Transfer Email Addresses Of Your Facebook Contacts

You can get only the actual contact data but not email addresses of Facebook friends because Facebook API don’t represent it. Yet you have an easy (and perfect legal) workaround that from Facebook’s walled garden you can easily download all your friends email addresses.

login to address.yahoo.com and click the Facebook icon. A login dialog should pop-up, just log-in with your Facebook credentials and within seconds, you whole Facebook address book will be available inside your Yahoo Mail Account. Once the transfer is done, to download a CSV file login to this link with the email addresses of all your Facebook contacts to your desktop.

Then you can import the CSV file where you want to connect your existing Facebook circle like Gmail Contacts, LinkedIn, your mobile address book or any of the social sites.

This all about export email addresses of your Facebook friends.

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Article Reference and Image Source: labnol