Sometimes technology could completely revolutionize the world in an unexpected way. Instagram is regarded as such a kind of transformative technology. We know that since times immemorial, the Paparazzi have been making money by selling pictures to fans. Often these pictures would be providing a sneak-peek into the private lives of all these Hollywood stars.

hollywood filmmakers Brand on Instagram

Thanks to Instagram, today, top Hollywood stars or celebs have become their own paparazzi and they share pictures that they themselves wish to share with their followers and fans.

As per, all celebrities have still not embraced or adopted the IG platform, however, numerous TV and movie stars are utilizing Instagram. As anticipated, older Hollywood celebrities on Instagram are utilizing Instagram as a vital tool to connect with fans. Personal branding is a new aspect of Hollywood filmmaking. It is not adequate to simply generate fantastic videos and go about telling fabulous stories; your Instagram presence could be a deal-breaker. Some marketing geniuses claim that popular Instagram is currently the digital portfolio for directors, filmmakers, photographers, and anybody who is involved in visual arts. Hence, as a Hollywood filmmaker, it is of pivotal importance to learn effective ways of curating a portfolio, building an audience, and attracting new business for collaborating online.

Focus on Building Relationships

Fostering key relationships is the most effective way of boosting growth on Instagram and other social media platforms. They are of vital importance not simply in terms of the specific contact quality and quantity, but also, for building experiences and using them as a comparison. We understand that social media is just an extension of life; you need to take the maximum advantage of all the big opportunities offered by the digital landscape. It would be great if these opportunities could be leveraged at the earliest possible so that they could get transformed into lasting and real relationships.

Keep connecting with a maximum number of people to the extent possible, mostly associated with your specific niche. You may consider writing and exchanging experiences with them. Monitor closely to whatever they are posting and check out how your individual worlds may overlap. You may start building on those precise moments. It would be surprising to see how several opportunities come in your way simply by being open always with people. You could buy 20 Instagram likes by contacting a trustworthy digital marketing company.

Keep Experimenting

Remember organized and thoughtful experimentation is a superlative idea. Starting an experimentation process is better as compared to staying motionless in theory. Creativity is the hallmark of success; however, you cannot undermine the importance of organization.

Learn from the Top Players

It is a good idea to draw inspiration from the top players in your field. You can draw inspiration but filmmaking is not about copying what others are doing. You cannot steal the ideas of established filmmakers. You may get inspired by big shots in the Hollywood filmmaking fraternity, but never copy what somebody else is doing. Draw inspiration from the industry stalwarts but generate your unique style.

Some Hollywood Celebrity Accounts for Aspiring Filmmakers


More familiar to film buffs as @Anti_CGI, Aramis Gutierrez is credited with the creation of what is undoubtedly the most vibrant hub for film lovers. The official purpose of the account as stated is to focus on the use of special effects in films without using computers. However, intentionally or otherwise, the mission does not seem to be steadfast and can be found to stray. If you are a movie connoisseur, you will love the really impressive collection of the retro film hits, some really obscure but enjoyable nonetheless. By following this account, you are sure to be able to lend a lovable retro flair to your Instagram feed.

Eli Roth

Ridley Scott’s Alien made such an impression on young Eli Roth that at the tender age of eight, he decided to take up film production/direction as a career and started shooting films in the then-popular Super 8 format. Along with his elder and younger brothers Adam and Gabriel, Eli made more than 100 short films before he had even graduated from Newton South High School and the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. While he became famous for his horror films, his first commercially successful film was Cabin Fever. The film, made on a budget of $1.5 million, grossed over $35 million worldwide. Since then, his notable productions have included films like Hostel, Endangered Species, The Green Inferno, and Death Wish. While Roth has played roles in many of his own productions, his acting career’s highlight is undoubted as Donny “The Bear Jew” Donowitz in Quentin Tarantino’s 2009 film Inglourious Basterds.

Emmanuel Lubezki

Most people may not be familiar with the name but, if you are a film buff, you are likely to be able to recognize his distinctive stamp on his much-lauded cinematography in films like The Tree of Life, The New World, Like Water for Chocolate, Children of Men, Sleepy Hollow, Burn After Reading, Ali, to mention just a few of his works. To say, Emmanuel Lubezki is a talented cinematographer would be an understatement; he has to his name the singular achievement of having three Academy Awards for Best Cinematography for three years consecutively with Gravity, Birdman, and The Revenant.


Follow the above-discussed tips if you wish to build your brand on Instagram as a Hollywood filmmaker. Keep drawing inspiration from top Hollywood celebrity Instagram accounts. However, avoid comparing yourself to famous film personalities. They must have worked hard with true dedication for a much longer time than you. Moreover, they may be having professional and dedicated marketing and promotion teams. Devote your time to achieve whatever you are passionate about. Patience, talent, and grit could go a long way in determining a niche for you in the Hollywood film industry.

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