What really happens to your body when you exercise too much

Excercise Too Much

Those who exercise too much, athletes or those who plan to go trekking should know this fundamental thing. During excessive exercise, Lactic acid secretions can prevent the oxygen which should be supplied to the muscles. You wont have sufficient energy and sometimes you will feel the severe muscle pain. Most of this problem is happened to the legs. The muscles take the necessary oxygen from carbohydrate. This work will be easy when oxygen is sufficient. If oxygen reduced in the body, purvey will be change to lactic acid.

What will happen :

This problem will be for those who continue to do more work. Lactic acid increases the amount of acid cells in our body so that the metabolism of our body can cause irritation, burning pain and fatigue. That’s why we do not exercise too much. These are the things you need to keep in order to prevent the lactic acid absorption in the body.



Keep doing workouts, but be careful when lifting heavy weight. Do not do anything without the trainer’s advice. Overweight can also be caused by weight lifting. Because these exercises require more oxygen.


Menthol balm After Workout

Muscle pain can be reduced by menthol ointments or balms. If your blood flow is improved, you will feel better. Do not think that they are right when the pain is less. Suddenly, one day it may turn to a big problem, so often you have to approach the doctor if you have such muscle pain.

Hot Shower after Workout:

Hot shower after workout

Those who do workouts always prefer to bath in cold water but it’s better to bath in warm water. This means that the tight muscles get loose slightly and the lactic acid wont gather in a single place. You can shower in a little more warmly from normal warm water as much you can bear it.

Deep Breath after exercise:

Deep Breath

After exercise or long distance hiking, relax the body. Breathe deeply as much as you can. This increases the amount of oxygen supply to the body. If the oxygen level increases, the lactic acid will not increase.

Massage after workout:

Massage after workout

Massage will decrease the pain when you feel it extreme. Massage with oil or any balm. Make gentle massage rather than hard massage. If you are not feeling well, go to the doctor. This will slow down its impact.

Magnesium Rich Foods:

Magnesium Rich Foods

Take more magnesium foods. Thus the energy will get back. This can prevent the lactic acid absorption. Spinach, pumpkin seeds, kidney beans and cereals have a lot of magnesium.

Vitamin B Rich Foods:

Vitamin B rich foods

Vitamin B will help you increase the glucose to the whole body. Increases energy in the body. Green vegetables, grains, peas, milk and milk based products, fish and eggs are high in vitamin B. Ceratin is a natural amino acid. Besides, take foods that are rich in protein.


Having more antioxidant foods will prevent the lactic acid formation. Take the berries and nuts. It’s important to have nutrient foods while we do workouts.


Avoid irregular workout timings and exercise too much on single day. It is necessary to practice regularly everyday. Water is essential and drink enough water to increase the amount of oxygen supply. You need more water than others. Stretching is necessary before you do exercise.

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