Cooking is an art. While in the culinary world, a cook is also called a chef. Techniques and recipes differ considerably across the globe. And if you’ve never cooked before and are curious about cooking tips and techniques, you’ll soon be able to cook like the best of them. These seven tips for being an excellent cook will help you unleash your inner chef while also impressing everyone who sits at your dinner table.

Excellent Cook - Excellent Chef
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  1. Learn How to Handle a Knife Perfectly

Learning to hold a knife properly is essential for those who are new to the game to instantly boost morale and speed up the workflow. Keep the knife in your dominant hand, using your middle, ring, and pinkie fingers to grip the handle. The blade’s counter side should be the areas to put your thumb in, and your index finger should be flat against the handle’s tip. Curl the fingers of the hand that isn’t holding the knife at all times. It saves them from being sliced and helps you use your knuckles as a guide for slicing alignment.

Try holding your knife this way if you haven’t already to see how much stability it provides. Remember not to rest your index finger on the knife’s edge!

  1. Recipes are Only for a Reference

Recipes are a perfect way to practice ratios and cooking techniques when you’re just starting. Suppose you are a beginner or want to try out innovative recipes. In that case, visiting the site will help you a lot. You will find many recipes perfect for families and are reasonably quick to cook, and do not cost a lot.

Don’t be afraid to stray from the recipe’s directions and ingredient list as you go. You know what you want, so if you despise onions, don’t cook with them! As you progress, learn to adapt and trust yourself.

  1. Mise en Place

Everything in its place is the most effective way to maintain your composure in the kitchen. Make sure you’ve prepared all of your ingredients. For this reason, professional chefs have their ingredients weighed out and ready in front of them. This move, also known as “mise en place” or ” putting in place,” will make preparing a perfect meal a breeze. If you’re not ready, you’ll feel stressed and lost.

It isn’t easy to develop your cooking abilities if you don’t have the right ingredients in hand. You can prepare various dishes without going to the supermarket if you have a well-stocked refrigerator and cabinets.

  1. When Baking, Always Weigh the Ingredients

Baking is a science that requires exact calculations, unlike savory cooking, where measurements can be versatile. Since cups and liters cannot consistently quantify the same quantity of ingredients used in a recipe. You cannot ensure that you can use the same amount of ingredients each time you make a recipe to measure the ingredients correctly.

  1. Create Your Cheese

Always use fresh cheese. Your food will have a fresher, creamier flavor because freshly grated cheese does not contain artificial preservatives and additives. And also because you are shredding it on the spot. And having fewer ingredients is often a better option. Sure, store-bought grated cheese will do in a pinch, but your cheese will improve every recipe.

  1. Add Colors and Contrast

The juxtaposition of aromas and textures must be there in your dish. Tomato Jam and Whipped Feta Tartines seem plain at first glance, but they contain much more than meet the eye. The toasted bread serves as a medium for the tomato jam and feta’s flavors and textures.

A well-balanced dish can be a rainbow of colors and shapes, and it’s also visually pleasing. To find consistency and harmony in your food, consider smooth vs. crunchy, sweet vs. salty, fried vs. savory, light vs. bright, rich vs. rich, and so on. A sprinkling of Maldon sea salt adds a final touch of tangy flavor and crunch to the dishes.

  1. Think Ahead to Save Time

Keep your cutting board in a hollow mixing bowl or bag of old foods to throw vegetables, eggshells, and other clutter as long as you prepare. It would help if you also have salt and other essential things near to the stove. It will save a lot of your time. The more you cook, the more you can enjoy something here and there for a few seconds. It may vary from making soup or sauce in less than 30 seconds.

Final Thoughts

Patience is power, especially in terms of cooking. Taking your time will change the way your food works. Having the foresight to plan certain items out ahead of time would significantly reduce your stress levels. The food’s colors seem to be more vivid, and the food seems to be more attractive.

Using white tableware in various shapes and textures will help improve the presentation and engage new senses. Learn how to Mise en Place and handle the knife properly. Do not rest your index finger on the knife’s tip! It’s nothing but a shaky formula for catastrophe.


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