Enable AdBlock On Android Phones


Adblock is most important when we are frequently used to browse on our phones. And we know that ads will be interrupting our experience and tasks while in a go with the browsing. It’s obvious that the resolution of the phones is smaller than the desktop computer. Getting ads on the smaller screen on your phone will be intrusive and distracting.

Whenever we get ads on our phone, we generally close or cancel the ads. However, repeating the same thing for every step we take will be quite irritating for anyone. Don’t get so irritated, there’s a solution to stop getting ads while browsing on your android phones. Enabling AdBlock will get you out of this.

The interruption of ads will put you down and slows down the browsing. “Fewer ads” will speed up the browsing. There are three different ways to which ads can be blocked while browsing. These will let you browse without ads on your Android phone. Here we go with the ways to get Ad-free browsing.

1. Using a browser with built-in Ad-blocker:

browser with built-in Ad-blocker

Actually, there’s no easier and faster way to block ads while browsing. But a built-in ad-blocker will help you a lot. And an ad blocker has been launched for your Android browsing which is well known as the so-called “Opera Mini”. You just need to install the Opera Mini mobile browser on your Android phones. After installing it, the new users will be prompted to enable the new ad blocking feature when starting up Opera Mini. Whereas if you are used to the Opera Mini, simply go to the O menu followed by Savings mode and check the box “Block ads”. Ad blocking is available in both the savings modes: high and extreme. This will maximize the speed and data savings even if you are using a slow or poor network connection. You can try  Ad block with other mobile browsers like Dolphin browser, Brave browser, and UC browser.

2. Host files replacements:

This is a way to go for the most tech-savvies. This is great as it doesn’t use any extra resources other than space for the host file. Get your hands on a third-party source, i.e., the host’s file which you want to download that will direct all ad sites to a different IP address. There are many recent updates such as MVPS, pgl.yoyo.org, hostfile.mine.nu or MoaAB.

Let’s see the host file replacement with the MoaAb file.

  • Unzip the MoaAB.zip file which you have downloaded
  • Find the host file (open system folder then open “etc folder”)
  • Copy the host file to system/etc on your phone using root file app
  • Set permissions to rw-r–r– (by tap and holding on the host file and select permissions)
  • Finally, restart your phone.

3. Test a third-party app:


Adguard is one of the ad-blocking apps that works consistently. Using this, you don’t need to have your phone rooted. This will work to its extents with the mobile data itself. But the thing is Ad-guard neither necessarily work on all apps nor block all ads. And more of all this, it’s not available in the Play Store now. It’s better o check on your Android phones’ play store.

You can make use of any of the methods to block ads while browsing on your Android phone. My suggestion is to enable Adblock while browsing which will result in fast and uninterrupted, Ad-free browsing.

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