How to Watch YouTube Videos When You’re Offline?

Download Youtube Videos and watch offline
It’s hard to watch Youtube videos when traveling to places where you do not have internet access. This is one of the many reasons why YouTube videos should be downloaded. Once downloaded, you can watch videos even if you do not have internet access. Its purpose is to watch videos offline and not to infringe copyright. You can not download without prior permission the publisher. Let us see how to download YouTube videos and watch it offline.

How to download YouTube videos from the YouTube App?

YouTube allows you to download on Android and iOS operating systems. Here are the instructions ..

1) Open YouTube app on your smartphone

2) Open any video

3) The tap on ‘Download’ button below the title and between ‘Share’ and ‘Add-On’ button. Through this, we can know whether the publisher allows you to download it.

Watch Youtube Videos Offline

4) Once the download is clicked, videos are downloaded to view it offline whenever we don’t have the internet access.

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