3 Best Linux Apps for Downloading Movie Subtitles

Download movie subtitles for Linux OS with these simple ways

When watching movies, the movie can be clearly understood if there are sub-titles. In addition to seeing other language movies, sub-titles will make all the words understandable. Users can download subtitles for movies on the Internet. However, subtitles files have a problem in sync with the movie. How to download sub-titles for Linux OS?

You can use different software to download the appropriate sub-titles that are suitable for corresponding movies. So let’s continue to see what sub-titles that work on the Linux operating system.


This software is looking for sub-titles available for movies using opensubtitiles.org. Further searches with the name of movies and it will recommend correct sub-titles.


If you use the VLC Media Player on the Linux operating system, the VLSub and Subtitles Finder plug-in can be used to find sub-titles. Getting sub-titles becomes a simple thing if you use this plugin.


This software uses the command line to make searches on sub-title downloads on various sites available on the Internet. This makes it easier to download proper sub-titles.

Use the following command to download the Subliminimal Terminal

“sudo apt-get install subliminal.”

You have to run subliminal on the movie folder. You can download sub-titles using the command given below.

“subliminal -1 en movie_name.mp4”

In the above command, replace the word “en” with the language code to download subtitle language you need. The above code will allow you to search sub-titles in English. All instructions provided here will be suitable for you to download movie subtitles for Linux.

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