How to Disable Apps That Put Your Twitter Account at Risk

App Management

How regularly have you signed into a site or benefit and marked in with your Twitter account, instead of entering another username and password? It’s simply speedier and simpler.

Be that as it may, there’s a disadvantage: you’re giving record access to individuals who might possibly have the best aims at the top of the priority list for the long haul.

I’m not attempting to drive you off from signing into stuff with Twitter. However, I am advising you that you ought to experience and look at what has admittance to your twitter account and repudiate things you don’t need any longer.

App Management

To start with, click this link to your connected applications page (you should be signed into your Twitter account). Presently, simply look through the rundown and tap Revoke Access to dispose of the ones you don’t need any longer. In the event that you see something you haven’t utilized as a part of quite a while, that is likely something that merits repudiating.

How many numbers of applications did you have associated with your Twitter account (I had around 88, however, I repudiated it down for around 23)?

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