Every retail store makes use of gondola shelving units, which are free standing fixtures that can store items in various supermarkets around the world. They have convenient spaces to either keep or hang products. For any retail shop owner to order them, he or she must be aware of the best dimensions and quality suitable for the brand. Such fixtures have been used by retailers over several decades.

Wall Unit

Three brand names of gondola shelving units are most popular in the US market. These are:

  • Lozier
  • Streater
  • Madix

Every unit varies in comparison to the other. Therefore, many accessories in one unit may not fit in another.

Reason for being called ‘Gondola shelving’ unit

This is a floor-mounted shelving system that has cantilevered shelves extending from sides of a strong vertical back. One of its main advantages is that it can be easily reconfigured and moved in a store, which helps it to meet diverse storage requirements. At the same time, its installation ensures adequate aisle space to walk.

Benefits of gondola shelving

One of the best ways to maximize retail space is to use these units. Here are its main advantages:

  1. This is a free-standing, double-sided unit which does not have to be attached to walls
  2. The design helps customer easily pick the items they need, without disturbing the rest of the arrangement
  3. It is applicable to a range of shops, from small grocery stores to hypermarkets, and everything in between
  4. One does not have to pay a high gondola shelving price for each unit
  5. It can be assembled very easily. One does not have to summon professional help for this.
  6. The flexible form of retail shelving can be moved to any part of the store, and its height can also be adjusted as per requirements
  7. Several sizes and styles are available online
  8. The following accessories can be used with them:
  9. Wire baskets to display magazines
  10. Shelf dividers which split up shelf displays
  11. LED lights for illumination
  12. Hanging pegs or hooks
  13. Goods are very safe, as shelf structures stay in place due to the heavy T-shaped uprights
  14. Adequate clearance is available below for hygiene purposes

Quick shipping is important

Retail stores sell fast moving goods, and supplies of the same are required almost every day. For this reason, the vendor for gondola shelving units must be able to send them quickly. This can happen only when adequate stock is always present in the company’s inventory. Be sure to find out about this before placing an order.

Characters of a gondola shelving unit

  1. It makes use of a pegboard or a solid board
  2. All parts are made from metal, except the pegboard, or slat wall, or solid board
  3. The bottom shelf is known as a base deck. It is always flat.
  4. It can be available either as a wall or an island unit.

In an island unit, all its parts are also attached to the back of the upright, or the rear part of the storage area. This does not hold true in a wall unit. While the island units have 2 sides, the wall units have only 1. It is possible to easily get matching parts, accessories, and canopies for the island units, which help to deliver a personalized shopping experience.

An island can either be used on its own or be stacked with other islands in a horizontal manner, to create one long run. If one needs to have just a little extra room for merchandise on an island and not an entire island unit, one can get an endcap. In fact, this is the best way of highlighting a newly launched product. It enables viewers to give more attention here.

Gondola shelving units are meant to suit diverse floor plans 

Having this shelving unit brings a retailer as close to the proverb “one-size-fits-all” as possible. Once the entire floor plan is ready, the shelving units can be arranged accordingly. Different components such as endcaps, wall units, and island units help create aisles that appear permanent. The good news here is that this entire arrangement can be reshuffled anytime, as per business or customer needs.

Excellent for toy stores

Radical transformations can be made to shelving units to suit the requirements of toy stores. Many toy stores look to set up concept stores from time to time. For example, 7-Eleven decided to launch 4 concept Snoopy stores in Macau and Hong Kong. This program also coindicded with Snoopy’s 70th birthday. These stores were built for 360-degree customer experiences, and gondola shelving units were majorly used here in September 2020.

Always stack goods on these units in a manner such that they do not appear overcrowded. Tidiness plays a major role in helping customers make a purchase decision.

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