Ice Cream With Just 2 Ingredients

ice cream

Ice cream!!! Yummy! There is none who don’t like ice creams. Everyone from children to elders is fond of them and will never nod their head for a NO answer to have ice creams, I’m sure. There are different varieties of flavors and they taste like heaven. Of course, there is no need of any particular time to eat ice creams. It may be rainy, sunny, or whatever be the climate too.

How about eating two scoops of this cool and delicious item in the afternoon on a sunny day? But going out to buy ice cream in the hot will make us irritated. Then what can we do to satisfy out the tongue? Shall we prepare by our own? There may be a problem with the lack of or insufficiency of ingredients to prepare it. All the ingredients may not be available instantly.

Then what can we do…?

Don’t worry! Just 2 ingredients to prepare this taste. Yes! Only 2. I think you might be thinking, will it be possible with 2 ingredients to prepare ice cream. Of course. And here I am to give you the procedure to prepare it. This won’t take much of your time. You will be ready with a bowl of ice cream in just a few minutes.

2 ingredients:

  1. Whole cream or heavy whipping cream – 2 cups
  2. Sweetened condensed milk – 1 can


Step 1: Add both the ingredients in a blending jar and blend them for about 4 minutes until they become thick and creamy.

blending the ingredients

Step 2: After blending, take it into a container and freeze it overnight.

freeze the ice cream overnight

Next day morning you can see that ice cream is ready to serve. Take two or three scoops of this cool item in a bowl and enjoy. You can sprinkle choco chips or add chocolate in that to taste.

Yummy, delicious ice cream is ready!

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