Delete Duplicate Contacts On Android Phone

How to delete and merge duplicate contacts

Having a number of copies of the same contact may be irritating when we couldn’t be able to find the correct one in an urgency. So we try to delete duplicate contacts on our Android phone. First, we think of deleting the duplicate contacts manually. But deleting them one by one seems a burden as well as time-consuming. So we see for easy and quick processes to get this done.

Sometimes your Android phone may create more than one copy of a single contact. This happens when you change your SIM and unfortunately sync all your contacts. It may even happen when you reset your phone and sync contacts.

There are some alternatives for delete duplicate contacts. We can delete them using the default contacts app or by using any third-party apps. Well! Let’s go through some methods to know how we can delete duplicate contacts on an Android phone.

Method 1:

Almost all the Android phones have built-in contacts merge feature. The phone will merge all contacts and delete duplicate contacts with same numbers and email address. How to get this done?

Android built-in contacts merge

Go to your default contacts app and tap on the menu button. Tap on “Merge contacts” from the menu. Next, tap on “Merge from Google” and followed by “OK” from the prompt. This will merge all your contacts.

On some Android phones, we can’t find the menu button in the default contacts app. Instead, go to Settings > Contacts > Merge duplicate contacts. This will merge all the duplicate contacts on your Android phone.

Method 2:

Most of us keep our data backups, then you must have enabled contacts syncing with Gmail. Thanks to Android, there is a built-in feature that will sync all the contacts with the Gmail acc0unt attached with the Android phone. If you keep this feature enabled, then you can directly delete duplicate contacts from your Android phone.

Sync Android ContactsStep 1: Log in to your Gmail account from your phone and click on “Gmail” from the left menu.

Step 2: From the drop down, tap on the “Contacts” and you can see the list of all your contacts.

Step 3: Tap on “Duplicates” on the left side of the screen, click on “Merge all” on the right side. This will merge all your duplicate contacts in your contacts.

Method 3:

There is a huge collection of apps available in the Google Play Store for delete duplicate contacts. One among them is “Duplicate Contacts” app. This is an east to use and high-rated app.

Step 1: Download this app and launching it will automatically scan and display all the duplicate contacts.

Step 2: If you want any contacts from those which are displayed, uncheck those contacts and tap on “Delete selected”. Tap on “Yes” to confirm your deletion of the selected contacts.

Hope, these methods to delete duplicate contacts will be helpful in one or the other way. You can make use of any of these methods when you wish to detect and delete duplicate contacts on your Android phone.

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