Owning an apple’s phone is quite fascinating. Sadly, they don’t come cheap. Even the previous model cost quite much when bought new. However, what would you do if you needed an iOS device and didn’t want to break the back? How about you consider getting a refurbished model? It’s a great chance to save some severe amount of cash and still have your dream phone at hand. With a little time, dedication, and profound knowledge, you can land a sweet deal on a refurbished iPhone that’s a fraction price of the new one. Nonetheless, you don’t have to jump head over heels on the first device that you spot. Here’s a definitive guideline for purchasing a cheap iPhones.

buy cheap iphones
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  1. Ask for proof of purchase

    Most online sellers tend to claim they are genuine. However, you don’t have to take their word of it. They need to have a reliable backup, such as documentation of the original receipt. The seller can display the receipt in electronic format to indicate they bought it the iPhone from a 3rd party or apple. It’s an important tip as it will aid in terms of getting warranty claims. That’s not all. It’s also a great indicator that the phone is genuine.

  1. Have a look at the return policy

    When you are purchasing cheap iPhones Australia, you need to inquire about the seller’s return policy. It’s a chance to know that you are dealing with an established brand that is least likely to double-cross you upon buying the item. It’s also a chance to evade buying an old phone from a private seller who doesn’t offer a return policy.

  1. Compare the buying contract and the buying outright

    Before you think of signing any contract, you need to check if it’s cheaper to purchase an iPhone outright. You need to avoid going to the network directly and always aim at contacting resellers. You also need to check if paying for the handset outright and pairing it with a cheap Sim is cheap.

    As you seek to look within your network for secondhand models or refurbished iPhones, you should ensure it’s unlocked. However, you can also take great advantage of cheap Sim-only tariffs.

  1. Check on the storage capacity

    It’d help if you never overestimated how much storage you might require in the future. While checking on the various iPhone models, you need to look at their storage capacity as well. These iPhones hardly come with memory slot; therefore, you need to know that there is no way to expand storage should you require more in the future. It’d be best to store your data in the cloud for backup, thus saving you from purchasing an expensive, refurbished iPhone to get more storage capacity.

  1. Check the IMEI number

    The beauty of owning any phone is that it has a unique IMEI number. Thus, one can be able to identify just about any world around the globe. When you are buying cheap iPhones Australia, you need to look at the IMEI number to avoid buying a phone that was reported stolen or lost.

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