Types Of Hybrid Computer

1.When comparing to a portable or home user computer, hybrid computer is a colloquial speech used to illustrate a 2-in -1 PC. A 2-in-1 PC contains a screen with a detachable keyboard and has the functionality of both the laptop computer and tablet. The picture is an HP Envy computer, an example of 2-in-1 used by the windows 8.


2. A hybrid computer system which is the combination of hardware , software, user and data that combines both the digital and analog components. Usually, the analog components of the computer switch to complex mathematical computations and the digital components take care of logical and numerical operations in addition to helping as the controller for the system.
3. A hybrid computer is on account of Thin client computer that uses a hard drive ,but also binds off programs ran from a server.hybrid-computer


4.When referring to a computer super computer ,a hybrid computer is a combination of both the input and output in both digital and analog signals. 


A hybrid computer system setup provides a cost effective method of performing complicated replications.

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