As long as you like family sofas, first, check if their presence will force you to give it to too many space. Do not rule out choosing a modular sofa that can be combined and separated according to the needs of each moment and the model without armrests. This small room in the photo easily fits on a two-seat sofa with a chaise longue. And he got it.

living Room with small sofa

Small living room for various uses

If you want to devour the series, place your TV directly in front of the sofa. If you have a fireplace that you love to sit and chat with, the sofa has to deal with it. Do you work on a computer? So get a good selection of cushions and footstools to be very comfortable. With a built-in bookshelf, you can install two L-shaped sofas in the living room in the photo for various exercises.

One sofa or two armchairs

Two comfortable armchairs are enough to relax and have a nice conversation also if you have a fireplace like the one in the image.

Small room in a penthouse

Has anyone ever wanted to set up a living room in the attic? If the dimensions are small, consider the following tips when decorating. Paint it white to make it look bigger. At the bottom, place a legless two-seat sofa on the ground. Use the pouffe as a coffee table and choose a custom shelf that occupies only the required meters. No more, no less.

Bet on minimalism

Dimensions of small living room do not need to overload it, the maxim “less is more” predominates, and you should choose a decorative style where functionality is of utmost importance. Beware of this living room trick. It has the same distribution as an outdoor living room, doubling the space when the door is opened.

Best in bright colours

Choose a lighter shade. White, beige, grey and light blue are in perfect harmony. They were used in this short room, both on the walls and in the upholstery of the seats. In a small setting, a round coffee table is lighter than a square or rectangular table. Like this Arab type with trays and scissors legs, it’s much better because it can be shown or hidden at any time when folded.

Floating shelves for storage

Storage can be an issue in a small living room. The floor-length bookshelf model subtracts physical and visual space, which is solved by fixing a wall flying shelf that acts as a bookshelf. In the photo, I chose to place a super-practical wall-mounted shelf on top of the sofa. One or two in parallel is sufficient. Remember that the horizontal element has the power to lengthen the room.

Choose small furniture

How much you like the variety of bean bags! This room in the photo is small but has no sofa, coffee table, side table, armchairs, pouffes and anything else. And the best thing is that the decoration never creates an overwhelming sensation. The important thing is to choose the right size and shape. For example, choose a light coffee table with metal legs or a round table and pouffe that gives your living room a bright and casual touch.

Pay attention to the lighting.

In such a small and simple room in the image, we are very much in favour of white reigning on the walls. Therefore, natural light reflects off them and illuminates them further during the day. Also, artificial lighting should not be ignored. Look for the floor lamp next to the sofa and the small lamp on the side table. Also, if it doesn’t suit you, don’t throw away the adjustable sconces on the sofa to illuminate the wall decorations to make them stand out or give them a moment of reading. Also read about samara saraiva.

Successful distribution

The sofa, leaning against the wall and in front of the storage area, is the traditional design of a small living room. This is the only way to take advantage of every inch. That’s what’s happening in this image. The nesting table is chosen as a coffee table that can be attached and detached as needed. See the multifunction cabinet on the left. The floating shelf at the bottom acts as TV support, with shelves, seats, and storage underneath.


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