Adding visuals to your content to make it more appealing is one of the most important things you can do to ensure effective customer engagement. However, it also remains one of the most overlooked parts when creating strong content for the readers. Most of the time, people focus on using the right language and long-tail search terms for the content to do well for SEO purposes, but they completely fail to acknowledge that adding visual aspects to the content does not only make it aesthetically pleasing but also informative.

Customer Engagement

Since we live in a digital era, it is imperative that you produce content that’s both functional and visually stimulating. If people visit your website and they find it boring or poorly formatted, they would not stay on the website for much longer and eventually move on. Regardless of any type of business you run- be it small or big, your content needs to be visually appealing so it can improvise your brand personality.

Following are some tips that can help you make the content on your website appealing enough to hold your customer’s attention for a long time:

Make a strong first impression

A lot of studies suggest that all it would take for people to form an impression about you is a tenth of a second. This is certainly not enough time for them to read texts. That is why you have to make sure that you have used the right visual branding so that your brand’s strong image is created in the minds of your customers. The right visual branding includes using an interesting logo and cover page on your social media to communicate excellent brand value.

Use high-quality images

Content marketers often don’t pay attention to the images they are using as much as they should. Most of their ideas are spent coming up with creative ideas, evaluating them, and then finally choosing one headline. When the times comes to publish their content, they realize that their content could do better with images. So they search about them on the internet, and whatever images they find, they post them with the content. What they don’t realize is their competitors might be doing the same. So if you want your content to be unique, start with choosing unique images.

Set a colour palette

One of the reasons why McDonald’s was so successful during its initial years were the golden arches. Since yellow and red happen to be warm colours, they evoke feelings of passion and excitement in individuals viewing them. A lot of studies have proved that different colours trigger different feelings for people. You can use this psychological phenomenon for your benefit and choose colours that you want your brand to portray. For instance, yellow colour tend to make us feel warm; green colours make us feel peaceful, and blue colours make us feel strong.

Use text overlays

Considering how social media has taken over our lives, you can also use it to create better content for maximum customer engagement. When it comes to measuring success on social media, how well you connect with your fans is the key. You have to show people the depth of your brand to make them feel welcomed. The simple way is to use common phrases that you think will resonate well with your target audience. Simply take an interesting photo of your product and then post it on social media with a common phrase that the audience would be able to relate to the picture.

Use the right balance between information and visuals

If you have put too much information on your website, after reading a few lines, your visitor is more likely to move on from your website. Similarly, if you have too many images on your website and not enough information, your visitor will have to go to another website to get the information he hoped to find on your website. You want your content to be engaging and informative, but you also need it to be aesthetically pleasing, which would be easier for the customers to consume.

Use hand-drawn visuals

Although this tip isn’t limited to certain individuals, it especially helps people who have just started doing business. During the initial stages of a business, funds are low, and people do not have a lot of resources or connections for outsourcing. That is where hand-drawn visuals come in. Using them instead of a typical chart or a graph would make your content more authentic and original. Moreover, it would also give your content a personal touch, which the audience is certainly going to approve.

Use the ‘Live’ feature on various social media platforms

It goes without saying that a video is worth 1000 pictures. But you can make the experience even better for customers by going live on Facebook or Instagram. When you take customers behind the scenes and show them your faces, they feel more connected and are bound to think about your brand in a more positive manner.

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