Advertisement is a way to create a long-lasting psychology effect on one’s mind. It is a medium to offer the consumers a choice to get at the best products and services in the market at the best price. As soon as one opens his eyes in the market, he becomes prey to the advertising industry. From the newspaper to television, banners to the internet, advertising agencies are flooding all the means to attain people’s attention with the ads which seem so annoying, yet a large sum of money is invested for the advertisement of the product.

Lift advertising

Advertising in elevators

When there is a neck and neck competition in the advertising industry, agencies have an eagle eye for better options and new ideas to catch the viewer’s attention. In 1999, elevator door advertising quenched this thirst of advertising agencies and came up with several benefits too.

Why elevator advertising?

The audience who remains least interested in looking at the advertisement even for a few seconds gets engaged looking at them when in lifts. The reason behind this fact is many. As soon as the populace enters the elevator, they become the captive audience as they are away from any external distraction or disturbance. The time in the lift which was deemed as boring and irritating is utilized by advertising agencies to compel the people to buy their products and earn benefits. In terms of consumer awareness, escalator advertising has been proved to be the most effective advertising.

How lift advertising is different from other forms of advertising?

Lift advertising is considered a better option than newspaper advertising or other forms of advertising. Newspaper advertisement ads are never been inexpensive. Ads in the newspaper are priced by the following factors:

  • Size of the advertisement
  • Number of times the ad is going to be circulated
  • Newspaper’s circulation
  • When and in what section the ad will appear

But no matter what a paper’s circulation is, people have their way of reading it. Many a time they don’t even look at poor quality printed ads. Moreover, they have a short shelf life.

In contrast, lift promotional marketing ads are creative, have longer shelf life and its’ advertising recall rate is higher than the traditional media vehicles. Moreover, escalator ads create a long impression period of exposure when a person is in the elevator.

Not only this, but elevator ads are also cheap for promotion and are cost-effective. Even small businessmen can also use it for their products’ promotion.

Target audience

Elevator ads inside the door impact the people traveling in it which might be in a shopping complex, residential apartments, malls or a corporate building. Elevator ads on its doors are expensive as it impacts not only the people traveling in it but also those who catch the sight of an elevator or who pass by it.

The elevator is used on an average 4 times a day by a resident, employer or a shopper in a mall and its ride is about up to 15-80 seconds which are enough to magnetize the viewers’ mind and manipulate him/her to buy that product or avail that service.

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