Create Your Own Torrent Files

How to create torrent file

Torrent is the best way to download all kinds of files like games, music, videos, movies, etc. This is a huge and well-known place for piracy. There are some best torrent sites such as uTorernt, KickAss, ThePirateBay, etc which helps you download paid files to download for free. Hence, these sites have become more famous than the other sites. Are you thinking to create your own torrent files? Yes! Creating your own Torrent files will make it easy for you download every file with ease.

But what’s the main reason behind Torrent becoming famous? Well, it provides specific torrent files for every different file. A file that is hardly 50-100KB contains hundreds of folders.

How will you create your own Torrent files? So, We are here to let you know the process of creating a torrent file with uTorrent App.

Imagine you with a file sized 10 or 20GB. You will obviously be afraid to upload that file just because of the size of the file. And for that type of huge files to download or upload will eat up more of your time. Instead of downloading or uploading that file, you can create your own Torrent files quickly. I’m sure creating your own Torrent files won’t consume the amount of time that is spent on downloading or uploading a file generally.

What we usually do is download a Torrent file in a regular browser and open it through BitTorrent or uTorrent app. The same way is done here to obtain the Torrent files.

But whenever uploading a Torrent file, remember to speed up everything. This, in turn, speeds up the Torrent and provides a high rank.

The major disadvantage with this is that you cannot create Torrent files on a smartphone. There should be a laptop or a PC to download this.

Let’s go into the process to create your own Torrent files.

Step 1: Click here to download uTorrent app on your PC or laptop.

Step 2: Creat a Torrent file for a file which is available to you on your PC or laptop.

Step 3: Now open uTorrent app and click on “File” at the top right corner of the window. Tap on “create a new window” from the drop down or simply you can use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+N”.

Create New Torrent

Step 4: Then click on “Add files” to add your file in the Torrent file from the dialog box that appears.

Step 5: A directory to search a file will appear, select the file which you wish to add and click on open. Then finally, click on “create”.

Step 6: Select the location you wish to save the file and click on “save”.

Now you can see the torrent file in the location where you wanted it to be saved. That’s all! Your Torrent file is created.

How to Upload A Torrent Files

Step 1: First, select the Torrent site to which you wish to upload a file. For instance, take

Step 2: Open and create an account there. Then enter your email address, username, and password.

Step 3: Now, confirm your Email address and login with your credentials.

Step 4: Click on “upload” and select the file that you want to upload.

Now, you have successfully uploaded your Torrent file. Hope, you are clear with the process to create your own Torrent files using uTorrent.

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