Create Your First Facebook App

Now-a-days Facebook app is becoming more and more popular. It attracts everyone from the child to old people. You can also create Facebook app for your page using the steps given below:


Step 1:

  • Open Google web search. Go to Google Sites and create a new site for you. You can start a site from a scratch or a template.
  • Choose the Theme “Blank Slate”.
  • Open Site settings, under that set the width at 100%, then only your content covers the entire width of the Facebook canvas.
  • Disable the Header and Sidebar to avoid it to appear in the facebook Page.

Step 2:

  • Create a new page on the Google site and add some content to the page using the built-in WYSIWYG editor.
  • You can also use the HTML view, if are an experienced coder. Then add the HTML codes directly to your page.
  • You can also insert the images, videos, tables, spreadsheet and everything that you want. All are just like a regular HTML page.

Step 3:

  • Enter the to open the Facebook developers page, if you are going to create your first App click “Go to App” to add the Developer app to your Facebook profile.
  • Next click “Create a new App” button and name the App(you can skip other fields)

Step 4:

  • Under the Basic settings open the “Page Tab” and expand it.
  • Set the URL as same as Google Site’s page for “Page Tab” and “Secure Page Tab”.
  • The “http” version of URL should be used for “Page Tab”and “https” version of URL should be used for “Secure page tab”.facebook-app


Step 5:

  • After entering the URL, you have to upload an image with 111*74 pixels with the Page Tab and it will appear in the header of your Facebook page.
  • Use large size fonts inside the images, it makes easy reading. Now save the changes and your Facebook App is ready.

Step 6:

  • Now you need to add the custom Page Tab to your Facebook Page. For that just copy the App ID of your
  • Facebook App that you have created.
  • Delete XYZ in the following URL. Instead of that enter your App ID.
  • Open the modified URL with your browser where you can see the option to add to your Facebook Pages.


You can add more App to your Facebook Page using the above technique.

If you need to update the content of a Facebook tab, just update the Google Sites page that is corresponding to that Facebook tab. It will update automatically, since you are internally serving the same Google Site Page to your Facebook Fans. Hope you found about how to create facebook app, if any suggestions or updates kindly let us know in comment box.