Add Customizable Themes For Google Keyboard 5.1

Customizable Themes

There are a group of best keyboards for Android phones. Google keyboard 5.1 even offers it’s own, and you don’t want a Nexus phone to run it. Actually with all the developments from its last main update, we think the presently Google Keyboard is the good keyboard on Android .

Google just created the best a little bit good with the release of version 5.1. Before, this version was seen only in the Android N preview. The new keyboard has additional features like support for coloured keyboard themes, so you’re not fixed with that white/grey boring combination.Customizable ThemesIt also adds maintains the Unicode 9 emoji, as well as skin tones, but you have to run on Android N to see those.
Google Keyboard 5.1 is progressing out now in the Play Store, but if you just can’t wait to kick your device, you can take it from APKMirror.
The story behind the story: Most of the features and functions that Apple or Microsoft hardens into their yearly OS updates, Google updates frequently as individual apps by the Play Store. This is a correct example. Many phones come with their own keyboard software, but we highly advocate at least trying out Google Keyboard, which is attractive, fast, and very alert.
These are the most Customizable themes For Google keyboards 5.1

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