The lenticular cards are among the hottest selling products of the year. These cards are known to be the new age of digital cards. These are not only a means of gifting your loved ones with your thoughts but also a convenient and cost-effective means of communicating your emotions to them.

Card DesignLenticular printing is highly graphic

Unlike regular printing with a simple look and no dimension, lenticular printing has many different views that give you a 3D effect when you move the printed sheet or move your head’s angle. This automatically gains a lot of attention from the people, and they start to stare at lenticular printed images for a longer time than a regular image.

Why choose lenticular?

Lenticular printing is proven to be more engaging and eye-catching than standard print. By making use of motion or 3D effects, you can present your message in new,  memorable, and exciting ways. Because lenticular graphics work by being viewed from different angles, the viewer inherently spends more time interacting with the image. It helps to improve message retention and brand recognition by creating an experience with your marketing message.

How to design a lenticular card?

If you are a novice and do not know how to design the lenticular card, you need to understand card-making basics first. You can make the cards at home using your computer and printer. Many people prefer to print out the cards using a desktop printer as the quality of the design is usually better. Mentioned are some of the things to consider while making a card:

Choose the design and color

The card is basically divided into four panels, and each panel has a different design. These designs include the background, the design, and the photo of the subject. The card’s subject can be taken from various sources such as family pictures, favorite movies, or even real photographs. The card’s background can be selected from a wide range of colors or just one color, while the design can be chosen from different patterns such as stripes, polka dots, checkerboard, and stripes, or simple black and white designs.

Select a theme

The card’s photos are available in full color, sepia, and grey tones. There is also a limited color palette for the cards, which can be chosen from basic black and white to more vibrant colors. The other option is to create a theme out of the images. This is quite easy as one just needs to choose the designs and the font from the themes available online.

Software and printing utility

The other thing needed is a software program for designing the lenticular card. The card is usually available in two types of layouts: the tri-fold and the accordion folds. The first one is suitable for business use, while the latter is preferred if you think about sending a personalized card. Another thing that makes choosing the right software easy is that it includes a printing utility. The printing utility will allow you to print off the cards right from your computer.

Background and font

You need to keep in mind while making the cards to avoid using too much color in the layout. The color in the card should complement the background and fonts used. When creating a card on your own, try to choose a font with some variety in it to add some character to the card.

Select design/template

Since many websites are offering a variety of designs to choose from, one can easily get confused. Some websites offer free printing of the cards, and one can easily download the template of their choice. You can either do it yourself or get the assistance of someone who has an artistic nature in them. However, if you are not aware of the software involved in designing cards, you would need professional help.


Once you have made your card, you need to be careful about its presentation. In this case, you need to make sure that you do not expose the card to unnecessary lights as this may spoil the beauty of the design. It is advisable to use a small-sized card when creating your card design. Another important aspect is to reduce the clutter on the card.

To conclude

Remember that the Best Lenticular Card Printing design would reflect your personality. It does not matter what kind of card you choose to make; the idea should be to create something creative and unique. It should be not only beautiful but also informative at the same time. Hence, the next time you want to create a card for yourself, make sure you choose the best one.

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