What Is The Best Android App Creator


Now-a-days Android is the very popular mobile operating system that is sharing 70% of the mobile market share. The developers are interested in developing apps for the Android operating system. By the Google’s latest data, there are more than 700,000 apps in the Android app store and most of them are absolutely free.

If any user is having an interest in developing Android apps, they can easily develop their own Android apps. If the user is a website owner or blogger, it is very nice to personalize the Android app for their blog and let the visitors to install the app on their Smartphones.

Here there are some websites that allow the user to create the Android apps of their own. It is free and it can be created in few minutes without any coding.

  1. Andromo:


Andromo is the most popular website that allows its users to create a free professional Android apps. The users need not to know any coding for the app. The user can directly use the so many built in features that came with this. The app will be prepared in a few minutes just it requires a few mouse clicks. The user will also earn extra cash with the advertising revenue. This service itself helps in promoting and also for selling advertisements.

  1. App Yet:


App Yet is very nice for the bloggers who wish to have their own Android app for their blog. This app helps the users to convert the blog’s RSS feeds into a dedicated Android app. With these apps the users can also make money. Some Sample apps are also there to get a trial of the service.

It takes only few minutes to create the apps it just needs an icon with the RSS feed URL. It also haves some personalization options that will consume the time taken to create the app.

  1. Free Android App Maker:


            Free Android App Maker service is one of the nicest online services for developing the Android app and lets the user to submit it to the app store for free.

It also takes a little time to develop those apps. This service is very simple and easy for the beginners also.

The user has to just select the template and then add the content to the app. The user can easily customize the app with the help of the tools provided by the service.