As remote work continues to increase in prevalence, home-based employees are trading their loungewear for casual attire and heading to co-working spaces in the hopes that it will boost their productivity. Remote work has its perks, but it can be challenging to stay focused while switching between client meetings and unloading the dishwasher on a self-designated lunch break.

Coworking Spaces

Co-working spaces offer a communal place for professionals in numerous fields to work cooperatively or individually in a place with more amenities than would be found in a typical home office setting, but are they worth it?

If you’re unsure of the potential benefits, here are five ways in which a co-working space could work for you. 

They’re Low-Commitment

Conventional office spaces routinely require costly lease agreements. This arrangement is out of the question and excessive for many remote workers, small business owners, and freelancers.

Co-working spaces offer a level of flexibility to entrepreneurs that allow you to set and adhere to a schedule that works for you. You also can cancel your monthly membership if your needs or work situation changes. 

They’ve Got Worthwhile Amenities.

Though you certainly have mastered your own home-brewed coffee, a co working space makes it that much easier to get your daily caffeine fix by offering many of the handy conveniences of a typical office setting–and sometimes more.

Many spaces offer tenants high-speed internet access, access to snacks, reservable meeting or conference rooms, functional copiers and printers, a variety of workspace types (including standing desks, couches, or tables near windows), daily and nightly access, and some even offer simple games and entertainment areas for more enjoyable, stress-relieving break times. 

They’re Fully Furnished

Home offices aren’t always the best environments to encourage laser focus on your work, as many share a wall with loud neighbours or are just a desk tucked in the kitchen corner. However, a co-working space is already outfitted with everything you would need to get your work done in a space that is designed to support a prolific output.

From functional desks with accessible charging ports to clean, mindful decor styles, these spaces make it easier to focus more on your work to-do list and less on at-home distractions like your loud dishwasher.

 Like-minded Individuals surround you.

When you join a co-working space, you’re amongst friends. Like you, the others who’ve opted to work in a co-working environment are there to increase both their productivity and creativity, either on their own or with other occupants.

In these spaces, you’ll find that those who share the space with you are open to both working solos with noise-cancelling headphones on or discussing ideas, offering advice, or providing valuable assistance for tough projects. 

It’s a Great Networking Opportunity

When you’re a freelance worker, your focus needs to stay on your current workload as well as what it will take to secure your next gig. When networking and looking for work opportunities are crucial for your livelihood, a co-working space can prove advantageous. You never know who you’ll meet at a co-working space.

Fellow co-working occupants may be currently working in your field or may even be industry-adjacent individuals with whom you wouldn’t have otherwise interacted, providing new and fresh opportunities to connect and possibly add a few new projects to your calendar.

While a co-working space is not for everyone, it can provide a smooth, simple experience for those looking for a more productive, creative, and effective work experience. These spaces provide beneficial exposure to a clean environment, fellow remote workers and new ideas that can serve your business in unexpected, profitable ways.


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