Every computer, from the miniature laptops used for business and leisure, to the massive gaming systems used to run the latest high-specs games, generates heat while they are on and running. In fact, as a PC owner, it is essential that one pays attention to this; lest they would want to burn the precious internals of the PC if they leave them overheating in a reckless manner.

cool the PC when gaming

While the situation might not be as dire if say, one purchased their gaming laptop straight from a manufacturer such as PC or Asus, the same cannot be said for someone looking to build their gaming system from scratch. When you custom build your gaming PC, there are certain things to consider. Especially you need better cooling system to cool the PC when gaming.

When you custom builds your gaming PC, vLoot.io explains that there are certain things to consider. Especially you need a better cooling system to cool the PC when gaming.
Keeping this in mind, what are the most efficient cooling systems out there for you to select from? Here are some amazing options to have a look at:

Air cooling

PC Air Cooling Fan

One of the advantages of utilizing an air cooling system when it comes to cooling the internal components of the PC gaming system is that one doesn’t need much to create a decent cooling system. Only the most basic of essentials are needed to create a working system.

This includes the intake fan situated at the front that will drive air from the outside over the hard drives to cool them. Secondly, the presence of an exhaust fan; one that will serve to propel the hot air and move it out of the computer towards the rear of the chassis.

Thankfully, a majority of the most powerful graphics cards on the market usually come endowed with powerful stock pans.


Water-cooling PC

One of the greatest benefits of having an efficient water-cooling system is that it gives one the liberty to cool specific components of the system to a much higher degree as compared to air cooling.

That being said, water cooling is not the most applicable cooling system to select when it comes to having a typical stock-clock processor up and running, but one that’s certainly worth the interest for anyone looking to put their chips in an overclocking mode.

Though they might as well be on the cheap end, there’s the whole issue of space. Heat/ sink fans tend to occupy tons of real estate inside the PC’s casing.

On the bright side, the colorful tubes of the heat sink make the overall display of the computer pretty attractive.
In addition, have a look at the Best CPU Cooler 2017 to make a more informed selection/

Self-contained liquid coolers


Last (but certainly not least) on the list are self-contained liquid coolers. Just like their predecessor, they contain a water cooling system, albeit simpler in design, and sans all the messy particulars of the traditional water coolant.
All one needs to do is simply attach the given water block to the said CPU, as well as a fan and one is good to go.
Moreover, self-contained liquid coolers further provide plenty of customization options; not to mention rarely have instances of leakage as long as one doesn’t tamper with the bends and twists of the tubes.

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