Cool Leaf Keyboard – A Buttonless Keyboard

Cool Leaf keyboard is a sleek and minimal keyboard having a large screen with 108 QWERTY keyboard display.

The keys in the keyboard are individually backlit to provide optimal lighting solution. This feature avoids glaring with the keyboard. The beep sound indicates the successful touch and the sensitivity of the keys can also be adjusted according to the user.

This keyboard enables the input surface cleaning easy. It is an innovative design having the characters on its mirror panel.

Most of us are pleased to use touch screen devices, as the touch screen keyboards are dedicated devices that reacts to the tactile responses. This keyboard is completely button less and they are paired with the software.



Design of Cool Leaf keyboard:

The Cool Leaf keyboard is thin slab, with no keys when the keyboard is off, it will be look like a reflective glass. When the core is plugged in, the “keys” starts to light and you will see a full keyboard. The keys are fixed with one inch border around the entire board. The keyboard is connected through mini USB cable.

The Cool Leaf keyboard offers microfiber polishing cloth. The cloth allows you to wipe the keyboard down the very fast and it also removes the finger prints easily. This keyboard also shows the finger prints, but it can be cleaned by the cloth easily.

The keyboard is multitouch , which enables the task of multiple key commands and it does very well.

Drawbacks of touch screen keyboard:

            The touch screen keyboard works well but it also has some drawbacks,

Based on the user, it will either have some issue problems, or the backlight will not be strong enough at sometimes.

It also shows some errors for the user who is new to the keyboard. But if the user a casual typist, or if the user is not a “home row “  or ten-finger typist, the Cool Leaf works well.

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