XBox One S Review

XBox One S ReviewThis  XBox One S is little, it’s cute and it’s just a tiny bit more powerful than the old XBox. The original XBox One had some problems but the new one has scraps of basically everything that we hated about the old XBox and replaces it with a fork a blue ray player. All that’s great but should we really buy this thing?

Xbox One S and XBox One

The XBox One S is out now for $399 for a two terabyte model later this month. You’ll also be able to buy a one terabyte model for $349 or a 500gig model for $299. You will play all the same games and do all the same things as the old Xbox. But what’s the difference? Three years makes the one S is 40% smaller but it’s actually smaller still because it doesn’t need this insane huge power brick that the old one needed.

Xbox One S Single Cord

Instead, you just have the single simple cord the one I still needs room to breathe though the grill on top is a fan vent and there are more on the sides. Whatever it just looks so much better. This Xbox S light colors really nice. And you can also get an optional stand to mount it vertically. It comes with a 2gigabyte model but you gotta pay twenty bucks extra to get it for the cheaper versions.

Xbox One S ports

Now there are some other differences besides the looks so let’s go through a really quick. First stop is the controller. It’s white and it now supports Bluetooth so it has a longer range and it’s easier to pair with a PC. If you want to use it there and it also has a 3.5mm jack for your headphones. Second, the XBox One S supports 4K video streaming, 4K Blu-rays and high dynamic range. Now I wasn’t actually able to test the HDR because my TV doesn’t support HDR 10 yet so if you really care about that you should check to make sure that your TV is compatible with HDR 10 because that’s the only thing that the XBox One S supports.

I did watch for cable arrays and streams and 4K not flex and the difference is noticeable but I don’t know if it’s enough to convince anybody that has a current XBox to upgrade the other. The thing I should note is even though it supports 4K video. It doesn’t support 4K video games. That’s not coming until next year with the next XBox third and I don’t want to make a big deal out of this but the Xbox one S is just a little bit more powerful than the original XBox One. Microsoft says that some games will have to drop the resolution in order to keep up their frame rate but I didn’t notice a huge performance difference when I was testing it and in Mirror’s Edge for example where I die all the time load times were about the same.

Xbox One S on Screen

Lastly, there’s no connect. If you have a connector and want to use it you have to use this ridiculous adapter which requires its own power cord and I was unable to test it. It’s basically a sign that Microsoft is admitting that it doesn’t care about connecting anybody uses it. Really that’s what I mean when I say that the XBox want to scraps everything that we hated about the original XBox while you can still use it as the white hot center of your and attainment system but you don’t have to even if there is an IR blaster on it but it doesn’t feel like Microsoft is trying to force you into any more. Instead, you can just do what the XBox is good at play games and watch movies. The new interface on the XBox One S it is the same as the one that’s rolling out the traditional Xboxes with the summer update. It’s designed to make it easier to get to games and movies and it also adds Cortana and background music.

Xbox One S Netflix

So you can say hey Cortana into a headset and ask for X. Box to do stuff and then it does that stuff so I have to admit I really like that XBox want us. But every time I think about it. It puts me in this weird logical. Let me explain one. If you already have an XBox and don’t think that there’s enough here to justify an upgrade really you should just hang on to your big old black box. Don’t forget Microsoft already announced it’s releasing another Xbox next year. It’s called Project Scorpio and it’s going to support 4K games and virtual reality. If you waited this long to buy an Xbox. Why not wait another year and the third thing to think. XBox is the reason you buy any console. It’s the games. Think about how much you love Halo four forts or Gears of War If the answer is you love them a lot, chances are you’ve already bought an XBox one which takes us right back to Step one of the logic loops. There’s really only one thing that breaks this logic loop in addition to being a really good looking console. It also supports that for 4K video. If you’ve been looking for a cheap 4K movie or a player the Exarchs want to ask could be it but I don’t know that enough people care that much about 4K Blu-rays to make this thing worth a purchase. Next to my TV I was unable at the end of the second the XBox One S supports HD.

Xbox One S Games


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