We spend a lot of time at work. But if our workplaces aren’t cleaned properly, they can become breeding grounds for disease. You may be surprised to learn that even the tidiest of offices may have hidden mold or grime that requires some professional attention. 

commercial property cleaning

Keep your commercial property in tip-top shape, and your office morale high, by ensuring your space is cleaned to pristine perfection all year round. To help you do that, we’ve compiled 8 simple tips for cleaning a commercial property. 

Create a Cleaning Checklist

It can be tempting to dive straight into a new cleaning task. However, before you do, it’s wise to take some time to create a clear checklist that will ensure you cover all bases and get the job done on time. Your checklist should make note of every area that needs cleaning, including the reception, conference room, desks, offices, kitchen, and bathrooms, to name a few. By having a clearly-defined list, you will reduce the chances of missing areas, and save time. 

Clean up before you leave

This is a simple rule that should be in place for all office employees. When people clean up as they go or before they leave for the day, this leaves more time for commercial cleaners like Cleanfocus.com.au to focus on the areas that need the most attention. Before employees leave for the day, they should make sure they tidy their desks and place all used glasses and dishware in the dishwasher or wash them in the sink. 

Make sure everything has a place

Commercial properties can easily turn into dumping grounds for employees’ random personal things. To prevent this from happening, make sure everything – from pens to coats to umbrellas – has a specified storage place. This level of organisation will naturally increase the professionalism at your office, and boost morale. 

Organise papers

Speaking of organising, the one area that can quickly get out of control is your papers. We’ve all seen (or had) desks filled with piles of random paper, and it’s not pretty. To avoid this, provide your employees with drawers and folders for filing their papers. Alternatively, implement a zero paper rule, where all work, contracts and projects are kept online in a smart cloud-based solution. 

Clean from top to bottom

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they begin commercial cleaning is that they clean spaces randomly. With this kind of method (which isn’t really a method at all), the cleaning isn’t able to get done properly and spots are bound to be missed. Instead of taking this randomised approach, use the method of cleaning from top to bottom and from left to right. This will save you a world of hassle! 

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

When you start cleaning for the day, it can be easy to rush into things, leaving you running back and forth from each room to the cleaning cabinet every time you forget a product. This can mean wasting precious time that could be spent effectively cleaning. 

Start the process right by preparing all of your possible tools and cleaning products before you begin your task. One way to make sure you are extra organised is to purchase a cleaning caddy, which can hold all of your tools and products. Position your caddy in the middle of the room or surface that you are going to clean. This will ensure you have everything you need at arm’s reach!

Use the eye-level test

When you are looking down on a room from above, you can easily miss little messes that are hidden out of view. That’s why it’s important to implement the eye-level test. After you’ve cleaned a surface, crouch down to view it at eye level to see if there is anything that stands out. You may be surprised by what you find hiding under your office desks, cabinets or boardroom table! 

Hire a commercial cleaner

Cleaning a commercial property can be a huge task to take on, not to mention a time-consuming one. There’s no better time to outsource than now. Hiring a team that offers commercial cleaning services, or property manager to oversee maintenance, is the first step to ensuring your property is clean all year round.

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